Dog Days 12 — Petting and Learning New Tricks

Not much happened in this episode, it was mostly Shinku going around to spend a few last moments with everyone. I still enjoyed the episode though, since they interspersed all the goodbyes with random stupid crap like petting, teaching tricks and torture scenes. Still, the goodbyes were a chore to sit through. I hope that the final episode isn’t more of this. I’m guessing it won’t be, since we haven’t seen Becky for a while or even met Shinku’s teacher, but I wouldn’t be surprised either way.

It turns out that Rico’s discovery from the previous episode is that Shinku can’t come back to Biscotti after he returns, and will lose all his memories as well. He decides to keep it a secret. Rico is a wreck, but continues looking for a way to allow Shinku to return. Shinku also discovers that Yuki is a god, but decides against worshiping her.

The jokes in Dog Days just aren’t fresh anymore. This is the second time Shinku walked in on Milhi in the bath, the second time they played catch, the nth time they had petting, the nth time Eclair went “hmph!” All of these things are still amusing, but they’re really starting to get old and need to be balanced with some new jokes as well. Pretty much all of the humor revolves around people acting like dogs. It’s still funny (especially Leo’s petting and the Princess learning tricks in this episode), but they could sure use some other jokes at this point. Recurring jokes are fine, but they can’t be your only jokes.

Anyway, have your weekly Eclair fix. She didn’t show up too much in this episode but we still got a few good faces.

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