Hanasaku Iroha 12 — Kidnappings and Guilt Trips

This was pretty much my reaction to Ohana’s announcement.

The show really picked up steam with Ohana’s trip to Tokyo. Her mother, Ko and the girl at the bookstore, and even a new setting for Tooru and Minchi have made things more interesting again. I still can’t believe Ohana decided to kidnap her mother, she’s such an idiot (in a good way).

Tooru was hilarious this episode. He agreed to the kidnapping plan, nearly slept together with Minchi thanks to Ohana, told Minchi to throw up so that she could eat more food, started playing crane games, and instead of yelling at Ohana’s mother started hitting on her. Not to mention his cool pose while drinking soda and his smooth talk about being a chef. Poor Minchi though, I feel like she is definitely losing to Ohana and her mother.

I enjoyed everything involving Tooru and Ohana’s mother this episode. As for Ko’s segments, the confrontation between Ohana and bookstore girl was nice. I laughed at Ohana realizing that she was the villain. Ohana’s guilt trip was fine as well, but I felt that it could have been just a bit shorter. Yes, we realize everyone is trying to fest it up. I feel like they might have put that in just to make Ohana use bonboru more – it’s like the new balut.

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2 thoughts on “Hanasaku Iroha 12 — Kidnappings and Guilt Trips

  1. The guilt trip thing was overdone and Ohana took it too far when she went on to say that Ko didn’t need to ccome to the inn. I mean, what the heck, that was a good opportunity to patch things up between them.

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