Dragon Crisis Review – F

I’ll admit, from the minute in the first episode when a girl came out of a suitcase who could do nothing but say the main character’s name and hug him, my expectations were very low. And they weren’t disappointed.

The biggest problem is that the characters are completely one-dimensional and boring. Case in point: Rose, the aforementioned suitcase girl who is actually a dragon (the main difference between dragons and humans is that dragons go into heat frequently). She quite literally does nothing the entire show except obsess over the main character, Ryuuji, and act cute. Cute as in act like an annoying three-year old cute, except somehow she’s in middle school. Ryuuji is even more annoying: the generic harem lead, his only role is to be indecisive enough so that a hoard of pubescent girls can fight over him without his notice. Then there is Eriko, Ryuuji’s cousin… all I can really say about her after twelve episodes is that she shoots butterflies, used to live in America, and has breasts.

The supporting characters are a bit less annoying (probably because they showed up less). There’s a stereotypical mad scientist, complete with lab coat and spectacles; another mad scientist, who is also a pyromaniac; a European young lady, complete with parasol; the girl in class with a crush on the main character who is to shy to tell him; the girl of tragedy who underwent human experimentation to become a fox girl; the tomboy; the evil black dragon who *gasp* wants to build his own harem, and the priest who struggles over his duty. The priest was the most interesting character, so of course he didn’t show up after episode four. Each haremette starred in a couple episodes and otherwise didn’t have much of a role in the show.

The show seemed to have an interesting setting, but didn’t do much of anything with it except make BS up as it went along. The series seemed to get worse over a time, with the last episode almost reaching the point of so awful it was funny. The climax of the show comes when Ryuuji and Rose upgrade their power to “love engage” by kissing on the mouth instead of the hand, and the enemy is defeated by a pink heart. Seriously.

  • Plot / Script – 4 / 10 – Gaping plot holes… like in one day Rose goes from saying one word to complete sentences and no one notices. The main sources of tension are going into heat and ten minute bursts of amnesia.
  • Characters – 3 / 10 – Cliched and annoying (esp. the main characters)
  • Production – 7 / 10 – Nothing special, but not bad either. The music is ok.
  • Overall – F – Don’t watch it unless you’re really bored.

Recommendations – any of JC Staff’s other shows with the same premise (this is one of the worst) – Shakugan no Shana, Zero no Tsukaima, Yumekui Merry, etc.

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