Star Driver 24


In this episode, we learn the history between Keito and Sugata, and how Keito helped save Sugata together with Wako. Keito and Sugata go public with their betrayal, and Keito’s seal is broken. Sugata is the final boss.

But this only raises more questions: what is Keito’s power of eternity? Honestly, I have no idea. Probably something to do with either memories or preventing change… But also, what are Takuto and Wako’s first phases? From what Wako did to Sugata, I’m guessing that she brings sections of zero time into the real world, but I’m not sure as to Takuto’s.

And why is Sugata even working with Keito? He doesn’t seem too into the whole kissing thing. I would guess that he wants to break the seals so that Wako can be freed from her responsibilities and go to the mainland. Hopefully he has a plan to prevent the world from being destroyed. And hopefully it isn’t “Takuto will think of something.”

Speaking of which, Kanako has officially become awesome (well, even more so). The creators have developed her from a crazy lunatic, a child bride with a pet alligator who kisses random people through the glass, into one of the most well grounded, prepared and selfless characters in the show. Those episodes focusing on Simone and Takashi are paying off in spades now. (and yes, I shared Simone and Takashi’s reaction below)

Another unanswered question: what exactly is the angle behind Sugata’s maids? They’re supposed to kill him if he joins the Hiraboshi? So who are they working for…? And why did they let Keito go in the bed with him, and what did she do? They still haven’t even answered that. Or, for that matter, what the goal of the Glittering Crux and the maidens are. We still know virtually nothing about how and why they were established.

Sugata, you player.

This has set everything up for a fantastic finale and final episode. But there are still so many unanswered questions that I have my doubts about whether they can all be answered satisfactorily in the space of a single episode. I can’t help but wonder if this series would have been better off taking an extra season. It certainly has a strong enough cast and plot that it wouldn’t get boring. But I’m sure the ending will be satisfactory, even if it only manages to answer some of the questions.

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