Fractale 10

Luke, fire the proton torpedos!

Fractale has begun to pick up the pace and seems on track to deliver an excellent finale. It had a deep dip in quality in the middle, but seems to have recovered once they came back to focus on the heart of the story.

In this episode, we witnessed the assault on the main temple, and Phryne’s failed attempts at negotiation. Clain even makes his own attack with Sunda and uses a gun, although he misses everyone, but they’re slaughtered a few seconds later by Dias anyway. I was impressed that the creators refrained from even a single “Clain is a pervert” joke! What a refreshing change.

It's a trap! It's a trap!

Probably the biggest surprise for me this episode was that Dias doesn’t seem headed for final boss status. It seemed like the creators were setting him up to betray Lost Millennium and rule over the Fractale system for himself. I mean, he wanted to make the assault on the temple, eagerly followed Phryne and Nessa’s movements, seemed intent on reuniting them (the key) within the temple, and still had his terminal in spite of removing the refugees’. It seemed reasonable that he planned to reunite them to reboot Fractale and seize control for himself. But he actually just wants to find Nessa so that he can kill Phryne. It speaks to how cliched the betrayal and rise of the new final boss is that the uneasy, evil ally Dias acting  and believing exactly how he claims comes across as unexpected.

Phryne sure had it tough this episode. A near suicide attempt, being strangled, biting people, being licked, dodging bullets blocked by old ladies. Not to mention the two attempted rapes in the previous episodes. I think Nessa may go on a rampage after seeing Phryne being licked…

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