Eureka Seven Ao — First Impression

Oooh, I am really starting to anticipate this now.

It’s got everything that made the setting of Eureka Seven so cool. But there’s one difference which I’m really excited about: the story takes place on Earth! Now, it’s an Earth with some key differences. Namely, from what we know so far, China and Japan are a unified country, but the Okinawan islands are independent. I love shows that create alternate histories, so you can try to figure out what happened to get them that way. Plus, in my experience the creators and the viewers both have a much better grasp of the world’s geography this way. So the setting ends up being more detailed and ultimately more believable.

It looks like we’re in for some interesting moral quandaries as well, with this mercenary company, which presumably Ao will join, making countries pay up to avoid being destroyed by coral monsters. This is the logical extent of endless privatization…

I like all the characters so far, but this was mainly just a hook that introduces us to the world. I like what I’ve seen so far. I’m not going to blog this though, considering how busy my Thursdays already are (and how long it will probably be). I may chirp in occasionally when I have something interesting to say, however.

4 thoughts on “Eureka Seven Ao — First Impression

  1. Hooraaaaayyy Eureka Seven AO has arrived! First episode was lacking in the giant robo department for me, but I know that will come later on in the next episode and so on…other than lack of that there was plenty of good old scenery porn from the shots of the island, jungle and WTF Explosions? Everything about that screams amazing to me.

    Character wise Ao and Naru are a great pairing aside from OMG FREAK OUT MODE, but hey they are kids so I sort of expected that to happen from the start…sooooo Ao might be the child of Renton and Eureka? Because who else in the Eureka “universe” has short green hair like that? As cheesy as that would be I wanted something new, but I sort of like that idea and you said alternate universe so it could work.

    Eureka Seven AO OST = INSTANT DO WANT.

    1. Yeah, exactly. I had kind of forgot about this but I am really looking forward to it now. It has the potential to be better than the original. Let’s only hope they have an even better romance than with Anemone.

      Ao’s mother did kind of look like Eureka. And his wristband said “Eureka Ao.” Who knows what that means, if anything though.

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