Shining Hearts – The Bread of Happiness – — First Impression

Our lead character is a baker who bakes the bread of happiness along with a harem of adoring assistants.

This is like a bad version of Shukufuku no Campanella. And Shukufuku no Campanella was bad enough to begin with.

One problem is that these three girls are exactly the same person but in different costumes. They have done absolutely nothing to distinguish themselves so far, and they’re too happy all the time.

Now this is probably because they eat the “Bread of Happiness”, which I can only assume is spiked with drugs. It even works on birds.

Which brings me to the main problem with this show: being happy is boring. If he spiked the bread with alcohol, now, this could be more amusing.

27 thoughts on “Shining Hearts – The Bread of Happiness – — First Impression

  1. “This is like a bad version of Shukufuku no Campanella. And Shukufuku no Campanella was bad enough to begin with.”

    Hahaha – this is exactly what I thought and why I didn’t even bother to watch the first episode.

    The one thing I’m worried about is that this show seems to be made by Production I.G. which used to be one of my favourite studios. I loved Kimi ni Todoke but since then not much good has come from them imo Either the animation was subpar like in Blood-C (which I liked apart from that) or the animation was good but the story was ridiculous like in G.C.. And now this ?! How much lower are they going to aim?

    1. I know, what happened to Production IG?!!! They used to make stuff like Ghost Hound! How the mighty have fallen.

      1. I like to pretend that IG is making shows like this to earn money for 3rd Gig or whatever they would name another hypothetical GitS series. It helps keep me from being too disappointed in them.

        1. That’s a more positive way of thinking of things… But really, wouldn’t they make a shitload more money if they just went ahead and made 3rd Gig instead of pumping out cheap crap?

  2. I think I might need to watch this, just so I can imagine everyone getting high on drug bread.

    Hmmm…but, an even worse version of Shukufuku no Campanella…that’s a tough pill to swallow…

      1. @draggle the action and the intresting things will begin only after the last character kaguya will apear which will be in episode 2 or 3 so it wont be only about bread

  3. Screeeew this series! Bread the animation fails so hardcore…I wanted more fantasy like magic, swords and a few monsters? Maybe a dragon or two? Then again the point of this series is about…bread…yes…bread.

    Tony Taya designs are great! However every damn chick in this anime looks the same as in their faces…wtf are they all related?! And then we have the ending where the girls never ever freaking blink they just stare at you with the same expressions.

    The best part was replacing the word bread with something else, for me I was using drug names and it made this episode hilarious so my version everyone is pretty much addicted to Rick’s cocaine…yes…glorious cocaine even the elfs wanted it ;D

    Voice cast is amazing! Sadly I don’t think that fact can save this bread production anime.

    1. Haha I know that if someone as positive as you has only bad things to say about a show it must really suck.

      I thought the same thing, they have exactly the same face! It’s like they’re just wearing different costumes!

      1. @draggle ok i seen episode 3 and if you will skip episode 2 and watch episode 3 you will change your mind completely about this anime

  4. Oh my gosh, all that freaking bread… Rick must be that amazing at it that I couldn’t stop thinking about bread.

    Yeah, it wasn’t that exciting as seen in my post since I kind of expected something more exciting like Tears to Tiara… Damn, in that series, there was fighting and stuff… This just put me to sleep, but maybe the next two episodes might prove me wrong.

    The animation was decent, but not the best I seen from Production IG.

  5. Si no les gusta, es x gustos, pero no mezclen “envidia” hacia el personaje principal también XD.

    P.D. Quien quiera saber más acerca del pq vive con ellas y todo respecto a la trama inicial, pues juegue el juego y se enterará, ya q esa parte la cortaron XD

  6. Jealousy… Not good at all XD

    The link before is from the game itself, but also a way to know that this show has a lot way to continue. XD

  7. I’m giving the show a boot for excessive creepy smile-type girls. And there’s not enough action in this anime compared to the rest of Shining series. Boo!!

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