Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?! Of the Dead 02 — A Rear View

Taking a good look.

A Trip to the Mountains

This show is best when it stays with the comedy and away from stories of heartwarming friendships. Climbing the mountain fit in the latter category, and it was fairly boring. Tomonori decides to do things with her friends… I can’t bring myself to care.

And she was blushing way too much in this segment. Once in a while is amusing, but for a while there she was in constant blush mode. Blushing tends to overextend its welcome more quickly this way.

However, the skit with the bees and the bear was quite amusing. I loved how the bear beat the crap out of Ayumu but becomes all cuddly with Haruna. And Eu’s bear pun was the icing on the cake.

Back at School

Of course, the highlight of the show continues to be Ayumu’s feminine wiles!

My favorite harem member at the moment is Sarasvati.

It turns out she’s a blogger too. Just like me.

I still don’t particularly care one way or the other about the drunken loli nurse. I’m looking forward to Kyouko’s return though! I just hope she doesn’t mellow out. Keep it crazy!

4 thoughts on “Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?! Of the Dead 02 — A Rear View

  1. Yuki Y U Blush so much? You should make out with Ayumu already! Just kidding I loved watching her struggle to say his first name, but the entire time all I could picture was Yayoi from Smile Precure or Ika Musume confessing to someone I guess you could say I am addicted to her voice work….

    Evil Kyouko returning!? I AM SOOOO EXCITED! She was one awesome mid boss from the first season, but are they going to bring back the king of night as well? I mean he was shown in the opening then again he was freed by Yuu and brought back as a penguin.

    Insert song read script > act drunk for ten episodes > get paid for acting drunk = profit

    1. If they bring back the King of Night as a penguin, now *that* would be amazing. Best show of the season material right there.

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