Haiyore! Nyaruko-san — First Impression

This show is dumb, but it has a self-awareness that makes it watchable and somewhat amusing. And Nyaruko has a personality that distinguishes her from most other moeblobs (and she definitely has a body that distinguishes her from most other moeblobs, at least in its original form). I’ll watch the next episode at least, but we’ll see if I keep up with it.

I have nothing of note to add, just watch the video, it’s hilarious.

7 thoughts on “Haiyore! Nyaruko-san — First Impression

  1. Wakamoto OP SO GOOD <3

    Series is dumb agreed, but it is one of those dumb funny shows that starts out fast and maintains a good flow of laughter and straight up insanity…while I have little to no experience with the whole love craft craze I only experienced it through game like World of Warcraft cause that game loves the whole old gods theme.

    Nyaruko herself never ever shuts up, but thankfully she has a adorable sounding voice for me anyway while I can easily picture most screaming at their monitors for her to shut up.

    I can't wait to see the fire themed character next week! I can tell just by opening and several pictures that she is waaaayyyy into Nyaruko-san so prepare yourself for random bits of yuri! Oh yes….

    I think this series is on my possible blogging radar just for pure laughs <3

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