Queen’s Blade: Rebellion — First Impression (With a Little Help from my Friends)

So I was hoping that no one would notice that I hadn’t blogged Queen’s Blade: Rebellion, and that I could save myself from this torture and move on. But I received a special request from one of my legions of adoring fans:

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Of course, I couldn’t refuse such flattery honesty. Since I didn’t think I could sit through this any other way, I decided to liveblog the show on twitter. So instead of writing a post, I’ll be quoting what I said and selected interesting responses. Let’s start!

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A fair point!

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Well, that settles it. Vuc also raised an interesting claim:

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I don’t think I want to confirm this.

Moving on, a pirate appears! Look familiar?

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Marika’s costume is better though. Sometimes less actually is less, if you catch my drift. Now it’s time for some new characters!

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And another new character… They just keep on coming.

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Hey, no complaining, you made we *watch* this show! Next up, yet more scantily clad females!

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One more new character?!!! How many different hair colors can be matched to a set of enormous breasts? Queen’s Blade seems to be already pushing the limits.

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That’s… not quite what I was thinking of.

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Now is when this shit gets deep, and the viewers need to do some deep introspection to decipher the meaning of the deep symbolism behind Queen’s Blade: Rebellion.

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Next, it looks like we’re going to get a fight scene between the two lolis.

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Fortunately battle is averted. But…

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This is the power of a warrior maid robot. A fight scene ensues with a new scantily clad villain.

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This is just par for the course at this point. Next, we elaborate on the fantasy setting of Queen’s Blade: Rebellion.

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And suddenly we have a new pair of sisters.

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If anyone’s wondering, this is the girl who everyone (including her own sister) thought was a man:

Yeah… a man. What? They only can tell that she’s a woman when they see her bare breasts.

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The nun comes back to worship god in the church.

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All in all, it was a worthwhile endeavor!

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But I think I’ll stop here.

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That was a fun post format, I might try something similar again. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

9 thoughts on “Queen’s Blade: Rebellion — First Impression (With a Little Help from my Friends)

  1. I read some of this on twitter and it is hilarious. In a way it reminds me of Scamp’s terribad video reviews. I would like to strongly encourage you to try this format again in the future.

  2. First of all, thank you for blogging this. I would not have known the new season is out already.

    Like the two previous Queen’s Blades, the opening episode starts out too slowly. If I never watched the series before, I would definitely be wtf’ing for 20 mins. The story is something like this: there will be a set of distinct female warriors fighting for some common cause, with mercenaries jumping in when necessary, and suggestive nakedness/clothing is the spotlight. So the first few episodes would introduce the main characters and the true purpose of Queen’s Blade becomes obvious as they go on. This show is (almost) a good attempt at a female version of One Piece, where instead of devil fruits, girls have devil boobs. So the big watching point for me is when girls with different skills fight, which one would prevail. My favorite girl didn’t win in Queen’s Blade 2, and I hope the new season won’t disappoint me. I am already glad several characters are returning; it’s been a while so I had to look up on wikia to figure out who’s who.

    So yeah, if you love war-themed/fighting animes and boobs, this is a must watch.

    1. Too slowly? Ahaha. It was too fast for me since I didn’t watch the earlier ones. Ahaha I love this:

      This show is (almost) a good attempt at a female version of One Piece, where instead of devil fruits, girls have devil boobs.

      I’m sorry that your favorite lost. And I’m not really into fighting animes and boobs, unfortunately, as you’ve probably realized. πŸ™

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Lol you actually blogged it <3

    It was actually my first time finishing a Queen's Blade episode. To be honest, it's not that bad as I thought. But you know what I forgot to ask you, this anime is already ridiculous enough, how come the lolis don't have bouncing breasts?

    1. I told you I’d blog it! It was my first time too, not as bad as I thought either. It was certainly entertaining, at least the way I decided to watch it. πŸ™‚

      If the lolis had breasts like that, they would trip over their breasts when they walk and fall down.

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