Fate / Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 07 — More Tsunderes


And Rin didn’t even make an appearance this episode…

Meh, I don’t know what to say. I really like Type Moon, and the idea of Fate / Stay Night. But… this is boring. There’s too much talking. About nothing interesting. Needs more fighting and raging lolis riding berserkcars, less philosophy.

Let’s face it… the whole central question behind Shirou is stupid.



Shirou: We have to save everyone!
Archer: We can’t save everyone! Let’s let everyone die.

It’s just… guys… this argument is dumb. Maybe you can’t save everyone. That doesn’t mean you should just let everyone die… I can barely even wrap my head around how either of them can hold so strongly to such an idiotic position, let alone fight and stab each other over this silly argument.

The funniest part is that Archer stabs Shirou in the back and Shirou isn’t even mad at him for it. Whatever, dude…


The little fighting Archer did, as well as the battle on the steps was pretty cool though. Wish this show would spend more time on the action.


Also it was pretty hilarious seeing Shirou scream at Archer about how he could handle things by himself while Archer carried around by his shirt collar dodging loads of magical projectiles.

6 thoughts on “Fate / Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 07 — More Tsunderes

  1. Archer’s way isn’t “We canโ€™t save everyone! Letโ€™s let everyone die”.
    He is simply willing to let Caster drain the energy of Fuyuki’s citizens because that’s the safest way to beat Berserker.

    Shirou doesn’t agree to that, he wants to stop caster (even though he doesn’t have any kind of plan to defeat Berserker).

    And why should Shirou be mad at Archer? They are enemies, not to mention they don’t get along with each very well.
    Rin on the other hand… She will peobably get pissed once she finds out what Archer tried to do XD

    1. Ok I’m exaggerating slightly… but Archer wants to take the easy way out, and he doesn’t mind sacrifices much at all.

      Well, Archer did try to kill him. Even if they’re enemies, it would still piss me off if my enemy tried to kill me.

  2. They are enemies. Shirou is the stupid one for showing his back.
    Llike that one a lot too.
    “Dude, you will die as soon as he let go of your collar. ”

    Oh yeah. I rewatched Deen’s FSN recently. The way they replaced the sex scenes with some random ideas still manages to amuse me~

  3. Archer’s philosophy is the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few; he believes that in order to save the majority effectively, there are times that you must sacrifice the minority. I dont think he believes everyone should die though; in that case you would be right, that is stupid. Shiro believes that you can always save everyone all the time and that thinking is flawed as crap.

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