Fate / Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 08 – 10 — Shirou Dreams of Archer’s Swords



No, Shirou. Nothing wrong with that.



I also enjoyed this scene.

The thing about Fate Stay Night, which I can confirm after watching three episodes in a row, is that the fight scenes are amazing. But they’re few and far between. And the rest of the show is pretty darn boring. Knocked me right out.


The highlight of these three episodes was the short fight in episode 10 where they took on Caster and her master. I was expecting it to be pretty good with the twist with the teacher, and that part did not disappoint. And then when Shirou pulled new magic out of his ass and fought him to a draw it was even more exciting. Sadly… this all amounted to about a minuteĀ out of the sixty minutes I watched. And it wasn’t enough to make up for the other 59.


One more small moment of entertainment amidst the sea of boredom was Archer teasing Saber. Out of all the people talking, it’s definitely more interesting when Archer is around.

Now have some silly Rin faces, the only other value this show presents.










8 thoughts on “Fate / Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 08 – 10 — Shirou Dreams of Archer’s Swords

  1. Shirou likes beautiful swords huh. Come to mention that reminds me of a post you made about SAO II a while ago…
    Interesting how Shirou uses the plural swords. I wonder how many he took in? l’m surprised he managed to go to school after that.

  2. Don’t you dare laugh at Shirou’s sword fetish! It’s perfectly natural.

    But now that we know pretty much every major player in this grail war you can expect the plot to move faster.

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