Fate / Zero 03 — Rider vs. Clinton

I can’t make fun of Waver and Rider too much this week, since the segment with Rider watching TV was hilarious. Buying B-2s, but hating stealth? Bill Clinton, a more formidable foe than Darius III? Riiiight.

Forcing Waver to the top of the bridge was amusing as well, although that may only be because I enjoy watching him suffer.


So it seems that Tohsaka was in on the plan to send assassin to the mansion. But does he know that assassin isn’t actually dead? I’m guessing yes, the plan is probably to fool the other masters into thinking assassin is gone until they get stabbed in the back.

A bigger question, though, is whether Gilgamesh knows. Tohsaka is acting as Gilgamesh’s servant (which is quite amusing, I might add) but it seems that he isn’t being entirely level with him.

Finally, what is Tohsaka planning with the independent action class skill? For those who aren’t familiar with the original F/SN, the archer class can stick around for a few days without a master, while the other classes disappear more quickly. Is Tohsaka planning to die? I doubt it. But there are other ways to lose your servant. We know that in the end, Kirei will end up as Gilgamesh’s master. So it’s a question of how we get there.

A Date on the Beach

Irisviel continues to annoy me. She’s boring: Ilya but without her cruelty or childishness. Basically she’s too perfect. And with Butler Saber the problems only compound.

I’ll be honest, although saying this is almost heretical: I have never particularly cared for Saber. She’s too perfect. I greatly prefer the horribly broken characters such as Sakura (maybe this is why I like Ringo from Penguindrum so much).

Other Matters

Saber’s riding skill allows her to fly planes like she’s holding onto the reins. OK, whatever. This kind of stuff makes me think that this entire story is fanfiction. Why does it matter?

Kiritsugu is cheating on his wife? Well, the wife is kind of cheating on him too, so…

They could stand to pick up the pace a bit. It’s already the third episode and most of the time has been spent with people standing alone talking to themselves. We’ve had people claim, at the end of the episode, “the war is beginning!” not once but three times. Seriously, just start the war already.

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6 thoughts on “Fate / Zero 03 — Rider vs. Clinton

  1. This episode was mostly buildup, and while a lot of it was interesting neither Kiritsugu nor Iri have really clicked with me just yet. So I’ll just say that Rider and Waver need to handle all of the exposition from now on because they are hilarious. And if Rider’s epic duel with Bill Clinton isn’t the last battle of the series I will be super disappoint.

    1. I like Kiritsugu, but I think that most of my interest in him comes from what I know about him already from Fate / Stay Night rather than what I’ve seen in Fate / Zero. He hasn’t done much yet. And yeah, this battle is going to be epic.

  2. I thought the kiss was just from a colleague to help him calm down or something…forgot that he had a wife.

    And Kiritsugu loading up the big guns this episode. Magus Killer time soon, I hope.

    1. Hm, I don’t think that kiss looked all that casual. 🙂

      Yes, the guns are going to be fun. Hopefully they don’t eliminate Caster so soon though, he looks like one of the most fun characters!

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