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Fate / Zero 23 — A Happy Ending

Yes! Waver is alive! This is a happier ending than I had dared to hope for! And Rider got to go out with a bang, even. What more could I possibly ask for?

Even Gilgamesh admires Rider. That’s just how awesome Rider is.

The only problem is, now that Rider’s gone and Waver looks like he’s going to live, what’s left? (if Waver got killed off at this point I’d be so pissed, but I doubt it) Honestly, I couldn’t care less what happens to anyone who’s left aside from Matou, and I’m 99.9% certain he’s going to die a miserable death. Oh well, I’ve stuck with it this far, I’m not going to give up now. Continue reading Fate / Zero 23 — A Happy Ending

Fate / Zero 22 — Triggering Death Flags

So many death flags. The only question left, is will it be just Rider, or Waver and the grandfather as well? I’m guessing Waver will die, since otherwise this story would have a happy ending from my perspective.

The scene with the grandfather was clearly a death flag, but it was still nice for Waver to be accepted despite tricking the old man and his wife. I think it could have been more powerful if they’d made more than the most cursory nod to these two old people earlier though. Continue reading Fate / Zero 22 — Triggering Death Flags