Fate / Zero 22 — Triggering Death Flags

So many death flags. The only question left, is will it be just Rider, or Waver and the grandfather as well? I’m guessing Waver will die, since otherwise this story would have a happy ending from my perspective.

The scene with the grandfather was clearly a death flag, but it was still nice for Waver to be accepted despite tricking the old man and his wife. I think it could have been more powerful if they’d made more than the most cursory nod to these two old people earlier though.

We had a great scene where Waver used all of his command seals and then Rider dragged him along for the ride. These two completely trust each other. Compare this to Saber and Emiya. They’re hardly working together at all. Emiya even forgot he could ask Saber for help. Saber tells him to just use a command spell if he needs her.

In a more positive development, Irisviel died! Hooray! Unfortunately she seems to have come back from the dead as a cup. I would be okay with this, except the cup as a speaking role. Oh well. At least she’s not talking with Saber.

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11 thoughts on “Fate / Zero 22 — Triggering Death Flags

  1. You know they’re gonna lose but ugggh IT’S SO HARRDD I want Waver and Rider to win. It’s like you still root for them even if you know there’s no hope.

  2. The very thought of Waver dying…


    If Waver is killed, I will destroy every Fate/Zero BD out there. =P

    But at any rate, I really liked the scene with Waver and his pretend grandpa. It was so sweet. And then the scene with Waver and Rider was absolutely wonderful. Such great writing for this series.

  3. My guess is that since Waver is now out of the Holy Grail War, he will die protecting Rider, who then dies shortly after.

    1. When she and Saber get together and be all goody-two-shoes it annoys me to no end (see some of my earlier posts). Just makes me want to barf. Saber at least is getting a bit more interesting now that she’s fighting with Kiritsugu.

  4. I came to like Irisviel after she died. Her sports car fancy was kinda cute. The scene w/ all the homunculi was quite creepy. Irisviel was an annoying but memorable character.

    Waver is such a minor character that I could imagine him surviving and living happily ever after w/ ojii-san and obaa-san (at least I hope so).

    Emiya forgetting about asking Saber for help was just ridiculous, even more so as we already saw Saber’s badass attack against Rider. Gilgamesh and Kotomine Kirei are not to mess with. Maybe Emiya is somewhat suicidal and does not really want to win any more?

    1. What, Waver is a minor character?!! He’s the hero of the show!

      Although yeah, I see what you mean. I just can’t bring myself to care what happens to anyone else… Irisviel did get a bit better when she wasn’t together with Saber polishing each others’ goody two shoes.

      I don’t think Emiya is suicidal… but perhaps he is having second thoughts about whether it is worth it to let Irisviel die to win the war.

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