Fate / Zero 10 — The Adventures of Loli Rin

Arggh she’s too cute. Angry Rin is cute.

Surprised Rin is cute.

Happy Rin is cute.

Pensive Rin is cute. (and I love all the reflections in this show!)

Zombified Rin is cute.

Scared Rin is cute. Too cute!

This episode was a step back from all the action surrounding the war, and it was a bit silly, but it was still quite effective. Why? I’m much more sympathetic to Tohsaka now. Before, he seemed like a cold, uncaring mage, a boring person as Gilgamesh calls him. He’s still fairly boring, but the way Rin looks up to him makes the viewer actually care about him.

And I’d completely forgotten the Matous existed. There’s a lot of yet to be tapped potential there…

But it amuses me to no end that Rin was able to save more children from being murdered than all the Masters and Servants combined.

My favorite scene from this episode was this one:

Maybe when you’re older. Ahahahaha!

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4 thoughts on “Fate / Zero 10 — The Adventures of Loli Rin

  1. Draggle, you bring it to the point. This episode reminded me of the important things in life. I can only add that I liked the school uniforms very much, as well.

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