Fena Pirate Princess Review — D

Indeed, none of this makes any sense.

I had very high hopes for this at the start! It looks gorgeous and seemed like it was going to be a fun adventure story. I was imaging Fena would be like a Ghibli heroine but with a full length anime and we would have fun swashbuckling pirate adventures!

Sadly, that was not to be. It continued to be beautiful but what the fuck was it even trying to do. This was so stupid, and I quickly lost all interest. If you’re going to go for stupid you need to go all in like for Ulysses which also involved some bullshit about Jeanne d’Arc but was actually entertaining.

  • Storytelling – F – What is that…?
  • Voice – D – Is absolutely nuts but still manages to come across as dull.
  • Characters – D – I liked the old guys from the first episode who never showed up again
  • Attention Grab – D – I deserve a medal for finishing this.
  • Production – A – Looks amazing!!! Which just makes me madder
  • Overall – D

Recommendations – Any Ghibli movie, Hitsugi no Chaika, Scrapped Princess…

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