First Impression – Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

I was expecting this to be a parody, but it was actually quite serious. It was Nanoha meets Hidamari Sketch meets Negima, which sounds like a complete disaster but somehow seemed to work.  My main concern is, will this be any different from Nanoha at all, aside from the Hidamari faces (not that they aren’t great, to be clear). But seriously – girl rescues cute talking ferret, and fights against her friend who is working for the evil witch. She has two friends at school, one of whom is a rich girl. She has a loving family. How is this different? Of course, there is still plenty of time for this show to distinguish itself.

Shinbo, lulz.

Maybe this is just the plot of every magical girl show (I’m not the biggest fan). But still, the episode was very enjoyable. The characterization is great and so is the animation – Shinbo mostly controlled his urges to spam tons of text and random images.

My two classmates are talking in the restricted area of the shopping mall! My friend is sitting down with a ferret in her lap. What should I do?! I know, I'll attack the other girl with a fire extinguisher!
This girl's supposed to be a genius? Pfft! The numerator on the second step of the complification of f(n) is wrong!

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