First Impression – Mitsudomoe 2

For the first episode, we had an entire episode of Gachi rangers instead of the usual antics. Power rangers parodies have been done to death but this one was still pretty funny, mainly because it’s willing to go to levels of brutality and ridiculousness that other shows aren’t (Gachi morning star, deaths of children, the incinerator). Still, the Galaxy Angels transformation sequence into the giant robot is my favorite parody of this genre. 🙂

They'll never find our secret base!

Anyways, it’s basically where we left off last year, still going strong with the crude childish humor and the crazy Hitoha eyes. If you liked the first season you’ll probably enjoy this one, and the same vice-versa. Personally, I think that the show isn’t really that much cruder than many other shows – it’s just more obvious since it’s an elementary school girl doing the fondling instead of a high school boy.

At least it isn't like this every week...

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