First Impression – Onii-chan no Koto Zenzen….

This show wasn’t the greatest, but it was surprisingly watchable. It’s another siscon show where they aren’t actually related, but at least they cleared that up in the first episode instead of making us sit through twelve episodes of angst like the rest of the shows in this genre seem to do. I laughed out loud during this scene when the sister said she didn’t have any memories from ten years ago completely out of the blue with absolutely no foreshadowing. The characters so far seem interesting enough, at least the little sister actually has a personality, quite similar to Yamada from B Gata H Kei but less talk and more walk.  She also gets bonus points for at one point realizing how disgusting she is.

When in conflict, gluttony triumphs over lust.

I liked the animation for this show as well. Technically it isn’t too impressive, and the bodies aren’t too realistic, but, well, it is a drawing after all, and that’s what it looks like, which is nice once in a while.

Hooray! You aren't my real parents!

But why in the world did the creators think replaying the entire several minute opening sequence was a good idea? Sure, the opening should catch your attention… But that doesn’t mean you should just copy and paste the best part of the episode and play it twice (besides, the part they picked wasn’t even particularly good…).

Overall the first episode was decent enough, but there’s always a high chance with this type of show that they’ll fall into using the same jokes over and over again and it will get stale. But right now I’m more worried that they’ll go with the “character of the week” format where each episode features one side character who we barely ever see again. It looks like next week is blonde twin tails girl.

In other news, the blog has a banner, and it is now officially FABULOUS!

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