Fractale 03

This episode was much more eventful than the previous ones. We have a lot more development regarding Team Rocket, who we realize now is part of a larger organization called Lost Millenium which wants to dismantle the Fractale system. Clain and Nessa become their “hostages”, and Clain eats food that didn’t come from a tube for the first time. Lost Millenium stages a raid on the priestesses’ ritual, in which the fat guy, the guards, some priestesses and random bystanders are killed. Phrynne comes and sings and everyone stops shooting for some reason. Nessa’s clone is one of the priestesses.

I honestly was not expecting anyone to get killed, considering how serious the kidnappers seemed to be, but this episode was actually quite bloody. It was quite a disconnect from how peaceful and low-key this series has been up until this point.

Also, I wish they would be more subtle about some of the themes in this show. The argument about Clain and Lost Millennium about the nature of freedom was particularly overblown to me – it seemed like that guy was just trying to pick a fight so they could have someone talk about it. And why did Clain get so mad at him? He more or less agreed with most of what he was saying last episode…

The thing which upset me the most about this episode though was how the Fractale system went from being morally ambiguous to downright blatantly evil. Up until this point the show could have brought up some interesting points about the nature of freedom, personality, post-scarcity societies, and privacy… but now that one side is brainwashing people, it’s more or less in the wrong by default. I just personally find it more interesting and prescient when the dystopia is less obviously evil.

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