Onii-chan no Koto… 04

This is what I feared that this show would end up as. Pointless fanservice while using the same jokes over and over again which are by now getting old. It was the obligatory beach episode so hopefully it will pick up again after this… but still… what was the point?

The entire episode basically consists of Iroha and Nao abusing Shuusuke at the beach and Nao’s two friends making horrified faces at them. I’ll admit their faces were pretty funny… but that was about all that was funny.

And Shuusuke’s dreams were honestly just dumb, not funny at all. I can see that they were setting it up for him to kiss the guy, but it definitely wasn’t worth all the time they wasted on it. I really hope that next week we can have something new instead of constant fighting between Nao and Iroha.

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