Onii-chan no Koto… 12

So this was a wrap-up episode, where Shuusuke stays home alone with Nao, goes on a trash-digging trip with the A.G.E., gets sick, and Iroha and Kondou come over. Certainly not the weakest episode of the series, but still fairly boring. We've seen all these jokes so many times already... can't … Continue reading

Onii-chan no Koto… 11

In this episode, the creators decided to let Nao and Iroha do something besides stalk Shuusuke from the background, and (surprise, suprise!) it was drastically improved. I would say that this was the most entertaining episode since episode one. Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but … Continue reading

Onii-chan no Koto… 10

Star Driver and Zombie will be delayed for obvious reasons. You can donate to the Japanese Red Cross here. Apologies for the map covering a quarter of the screen, but honestly, it wasn't really blocking much. I can't for the life of me figure out where this show is trying to go. The first … Continue reading