Onii-chan no Koto… 12

So this was a wrap-up episode, where Shuusuke stays home alone with Nao, goes on a trash-digging trip with the A.G.E., gets sick, and Iroha and Kondou come over. Certainly not the weakest episode of the series, but still fairly boring. We’ve seen all these jokes so many times already… can’t they think up something new? Looking on the bright side, Iroha finally did something other than stalking Shuusuke, although there was still plenty of stalking too.

A milestone of sorts: this is the first series I’ve finished blogging, and I’m quite pleased that I’ve managed to keep going this long. Initially I thought I would write for about a week and then get bored of it, but so far I’m still enjoying it. The lesson does seem to be to choose carefully when picking series to blog, though. It really is a crapshoot picking a show based on only the first episode. The first episode of Onii-chan no Koto was hilarious (although in retrospect, it seemed so bad I assumed it was a parody but was sadly mistaken) but from there on it was all downhill. Probably should have done Level-E instead, which had the opposite trend. But everything else turned out to be a pretty good choice. I’ll probably try to blog five series next year – I’m thinking about doing C : The Possibility of Soul and Probability Control in iambic tetrameter assuming the first episode is any good.

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