Fukumenkei Noise — First Impressions

Emo teenagers make loud noises and embarrass themselves. Or would, if they had any shame.

As you all know, I am not particularly a fan of shoujo romances. So I probably won’t watch this to the end. But it seemed okay as far. Well, aside from the usual of how overdramatic everything is, how the male love interest is a complete asshole, etc. There were a number of interweaving conflicts in the first episode to keep the viewers interested: how the boy is an asshole, how the girl is an asshole, how the other girl is an asshole, how the other boy is an asshole, how the club is going to disband, and probably a few more assholes I’m forgetting about. And I always like the romances where the couple starts out hating each other. But I suspect all these interesting plotlines will wear out quickly… Or if they don’t I’ll become frustrated.

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