Girls Band Cry Review — A

Girls in a band cry.

This show RULED SO HARD. Where do I even start?

You all know girls in bands are not my favorite things. But crying? Fuck yeah count me in. This story is so emotional. But never in a trite and expected way.

I especially love how our protagonist, Nina, wears her heart on our sleeve. She is not afraid to tell people what she thinks and is stubborn and never backs down and pisses everyone off. She stars off the show giving everyone the middle finger. She is practically the exact opposite of your typical anime lead who is taciturn and quiet and hides their emotions. She is also a complete klutz. Love her.

The rest of the band oozes with personality as well. My favorite is probably the pianist, who’s very talented but has suffered because, like Nina, she has told people what she really thought in the past. She, however, learned her lesson while Nina has not. The bassist is great as well— she’s kind of everyone’s mommy. She doesn’t say much but has the eye of terror. Speaking of which, the CG in this show is phenomenal. Still shots don’t look as good as hand animated, perhaps, but everything is so much more fluid in part due to the technology. And wow have they improved on the facial expressions. There is so much motion in this show and the characters wear their emotions on their faces. I loved it.

Even the music is good??? The OP and ED ruled??? What the hell is happening to anime? How did we just go from MyGO which was kind of similar and already amazing and then immediately surpass it??? (And Jellyfish can’t swim at the same time which was also great even if not at this level) I never even liked this genre to begin with but this is the age of girls bands crying and I am totally onboard!!!

One of the few criticisms I’ve seen is that the last arc was superfluous and the show should have ended at episode ten. While I agree that episode ten was the climax (and hot damn what a climax it was) I do think the final “pro” arc was still necessary, since it showed Nina coming to terms with her past, and the girls sticking together and remaining true to themselves, even at great cost.

I already want to rewatch this.

  • Storytelling – A – Amazing
  • Voice – A – This is what voice is
  • Characters – A – NINA FUCK THEM UP GIRL
  • Attention Grab – A – I was glued
  • Production – A – Best CG anime ever made
  • Overall – A

RecommendationsMyGO, AKB0048

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