Golden Time Review — D+


A bunch of college kids fail as human beings.

This show made me rage. A lot. All of the characters, with the sole exception of 2D-kun (the one who is supposed to be socially incompetent), are complete assholes. They have these ridiculous misunderstandings and treat one another like dirt. I feel so bad for 2D-kun. He’s a nice guy, but he chooses awful friends.


The show centers around several love triangles. But it’s not the kind of show that you ship people in. The thing is, none of these characters should even be thinking of having a relationship at the moment. They don’t even have the emotional maturity to handle friendships, much less romantic relationships.

Maybe Golden Time actually has good characterizations. The characters are very consistent at being stupid dicks to each other. Maybe you’re just supposed to hate them.

I have two other big issues with this show: 1) the half-assed supernatural element is both completely unnecessary and completely stupid. Talk about contrived. And 2) half the time in each episode seems to be spent profusely apologizing and profusely thanking people, both of which are completely unnecessary in any of the situations they occur. I understand that endless apologies and sucking up may be an essential feature of the Japanese language, but this was taken to ridiculous levels.

  • Storytelling – D – Too much apologizing. Silly ghost stories.
  • Voice – D – Makes college seem boring.
  • Characters – F – All idiots except 2D-kun.
  • Attention Grab – C – Fine except when apologizing.
  • Production – B – Looks fine.
  • Overall – D+

Recommendations – Toradora, Kimikiss, Nodame Cantabile

4 thoughts on “Golden Time Review — D+

  1. It’s a wonder you can even finish this show.
    It’s the kind of show which can make me hit myself,
    “what were you thinking?”
    Yeah, it’s that awful.

    I think you can give some detail to people who has never finished it.
    What happened with the ghost in the end?

    1. Yeah pretty much. It’s awful.

      Spoilers: For a while the ghost took over, then I think they merged or something. Only half paying attention since I didn’t really care.

  2. I still say the show would have been 100x better if it was just Nana’s Bizarre Adventures.

    The funny thing with Golden Time is that it seemed like there was practically a math to it: the less screen time a character had, the better they were. Nana and 2D-kun were the best.

    1. You know, that probably explains it. 2D-kun and Nana were the best because they didn’t get enough screentime to make asses of themselves like everybody else. Thank goodness for this one bit of sanity the show allowed.

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