Guilty Crown 05 — REJECTED

The best part of this show so far. When Shuu asked Inori why she said she would stay with him forever and all that:


In one stroke, my opinions of Inori and Gai are lowered even further. And boy do I love seeing Shuu miserable!

Training Arc

So this was the obligatory training arc, where Shuu attends the terrorist training camp. The episode was fine, as far as these things go, but not too exciting. The climax involved Shuu stealing a void from a random passerby which just happened to be capable of blinding a robot’s sensors. What a coincidence!

Thinking in his Pants

Who but Shuu would join a group of terrorists over a girl? And in this situation, the only thing he can find to complain about is that the boss gets all the girls?!!

Whatever you say that I am, that’s what you are.

Not that I like Gai either. But at least he doesn’t whine all the time.


Shuu totally deserved to get beaten up. At least the first time. What a jerk.

I can’t say that I’m a big fan of Ayase. But this is a vast improvement over the orgasmic robot pilot she first appeared as. Now just the neko-mimi loli needs more work.

Am I the only one who didn’t recognize Ayase at first when Shuu ran into her underground? I suppose it’s the lighting, but her hair color looks completely different. I think this is one of the most ridiculous things about anime: usually I can only recognize people by their hair color. I find it hilarious when I watch subtitles that are color-coded by hair color so we know who’s talking. There are never any repeated colors.

Not much else to say about this episode. It was underwhelming as usual, aside from Shuu getting told by Inori. Oh, there was a nice explosion I guess. Or at least the aftereffects. Orbital bombardment! Whee!

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12 thoughts on “Guilty Crown 05 — REJECTED

  1. Ayase and neko-girl might be the best characters. I guessed it beforehand and now it seems Ayase is somewhat confirmed as a fun character. Neko-girl… don’t know, like her design and the small things she does, but we don’t know about her.

    Inori? Gai? Shu? HAHAHA

    What’s with that weapon? I still don’t understand the plot.

    1. There’s a plot?

      And honestly, I’m indifferent to Ayase at best, but she’s a much better character than Shu, Gai, or Inori. Tsugumi…uh…we need to know more about her. Could care less about anyone else. Ten seconds of Kido, and I already hated him.

    2. Ayase and cat girl are definitely over an improvement of Inroi, Gai and Shu. Not that that’s saying much. At least Ayase can beat the crap out of Shu in her wheelchari. And Neko-girl can press buttons with her butt… which is more interesting than anything Shu or Inori have done so far.

  2. Hello! Found your blog muhahahah <3

    That whole Inori / Shu thing I sort of guessed that's was Gai's doing, we saw during the firing range scene Inori didn't want him to get close to her… Then I started to think why is she acting completely different?! But ya I don't care for Inori anymore ahaha

    Ayase! I loved finally getting to see her actually have some scenes with Shu, I really do want to learn more about that girl she is after all my favorite so far xD

    1. Welcome! Muahhahaha!

      I like her a bit more now because she managed to make Shu miserable. Although I guess I should give Gai credit for this.

      I like Ayase much more now than when she first appeared in the robot. Gah, that was painful to watch.

  3. One thing that confused me is that in the previous episode, Inori went to the captive Shuu (against Gai’s orders) to help him out.
    Is this another plot hole, or she might feel something for Shuu…

    1. Yeah, she probably does like him, and it’s a misunderstanding. Obviously they will be back together again in a few episodes. I wonder if Gai also told Inori to tell Shuu that he told her to tell Shuu she liked him.

  4. The void guy wasnt’ just any passerby. Shu talked to him a few scenes back before the test. I think that conversation made Shu thought of something and gambled on the idea of taking his void.

    1. Yeah, the guy even asked Shu if he could take a Void from anybody. In some ways it would have been better if it were a random passerby: then it wouldn’t be such an obvious setup.

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