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Guilty Crown’s Infectious Stupidity — Eleven Days of Advent and One Day of Christmas #12

Anyone who has been reading this blog for the past year would know that at least one of my entries for the year’s top twelve moments in anime would necessarily involve Guilty Crown. Guilty Crown was one of the most entertaining series of the year, and the one I had the most fun blogging.

It was hard to pick a single moment from this series that stood out, with candidates like:

  • Ouma Shuu becoming Hitler and ruling the school,
  • Ouma Shuu attempting to drown his best friend,
  • “It’s not discrimination, it’s distinction!”
  • Riding into battle on Segways,
  • Iori transforming into Wolverine,
  • Ouma Shuu losing his hand,
  • and many, many, many more.

In the end, I decided to pick Ouma Shuu becoming Jesus and dying to take away the cancer of the world. Check out the summary in musical form, as sung by AJTheFourth of Altair and Vega!

These musical posts were my favorites to make this past year (coming in second would be the SAO fanfictions). Here is a complete list of the musical posts:

Thanks again to everyone who participated and sung! You all sounded wonderful!

Guilty Crown Review — F

Ouma Shuu, a normal, average boy is lonely and has the hots for a pop idol, Inori. He sees her being chased by some robots, and he rescues her by pulling  a giant sword out of her bosom. Ouma Shuu, intent on getting into Inori’s pants freeing Japan, joins the terrorist cell she’s a member of and fights the good fight. None would guess that later, Shuu will become both a ruthless dictator and the savior of the world. Continue reading Guilty Crown Review — F

Guilty Crown 22 — When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

It’s finally here. The grand finale of Guilty Crown, that I and all the legions of anime fans have eagerly anticipated for the past six months. And it lived up to all our wildest hopes and dreams.

Our series of Guilty Crown musicians also goes out with a bang (albeit a pleasant one) with our final guest singer, Foxy Lady Ayame of the beautiful world. Please join me in thanking her for sharing her beautiful voice, and enjoy her rendition of “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross.” We also thank Foshizzel from Metanorn for providing pictures with captions. Continue reading Guilty Crown 22 — When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

Guilty Crown 21 — Battle Hymn of the Undertakers

This week’s guest singer is Anya from Fourty-Four Fennecs, karaoke wizard and gunpla master extraordinaire! Be sure to check out her site if you don’t already, where Anya has recently followed Smile Precure and given tips on building Gundam models. Please join me in thanking Anya for singing this week’s song!

Anya also organizes a group of anime enthusiasts that meets online every Saturday evening to sing karaoke. Contact her if you’re interested in joining, it’s a perfect opportunity to practice and prepare to sing your own Guilty Crown song!

This week’s song is a rendition of the civil war classic, “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Accompaniment is provided by yours truly on my trusty melodica, along with a sung accompaniment to Anya on the choruses.

Continue reading Guilty Crown 21 — Battle Hymn of the Undertakers

Guilty Crown 20 — Ouma Ouma Shuu

This week’s guest musician is Inushinde from Shinde Iie Anime Blog. If you aren’t already, check out his site, he hosted one of my favorite recent posts by Rick Santorum (NSFW, obviously). Please join me in enjoying Inushinde’s take on the Scooby Doo theme song!

Continue reading Guilty Crown 20 — Ouma Ouma Shuu