Guilty Crown 17 — This Hand is Your Hand (WITH MUSIC!!!)

I actually sung and recorded this week’s song.

This is the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done, so go easy on me.  😉

I didn’t have a guitar with me, unfortunately, and my neighbors would not have appreciated me bringing out the trombone from the closet, so I played it on my trusty melodica. Then I recorded my voice while listening to the recording and combined the two. Here it is:

This Hand is Your Hand

The audio editing is not the best (nor is the singing or playing), but eh, it’s not bad. If anyone else wants to record this or one of the earlier songs, I’d be delighted to post it!

This hand is your hand, this hand is my hand.
From the palm and fingers to every sweat gland,
From the way it rapes things, to the way it scratches,
This hand was made for you and me.

As I went walking to Tokyo Tower,
I saw above me that giant wall’s glower.
I saw below me the cannon fodder
This hand was made for you and me.

I killed and raped them and they followed my orders,
But they still turned into diamond crystals.
We don’t discriminate, we just distinguish.
This hand was made for you and me.

Once I raped the tower the serfs betrayed me.
How can those rank Fs even live without me?
And even worse Gai took back my power. (But!)
This hand was made for him and me.

This hand is your hand, this hand is my hand.
From the palm and fingers to every sweat gland,
From the way it rapes things, to the way it scratches,
This hand was made for you and me.

Further Thoughts

The first half of the episode was pretty dull. The second half was hilarious. Shuu is betrayed? Right after they escape from the quarantine zone and don’t even need a leader anymore? Ok… And then Gai comes up and steals Shuu’s arm. Whatever.

I find it hilarious that they don’t even try to make excuses anymore. It’s just “termination” now. Come on, Guilty Crown, can’t you even try to have the villains make sense?

But why didn’t more people vote “Noe”?!!!

If you haven’t seen it already, be sure to check out the best parody video I’ve ever seen, based on the same song I used.

28 thoughts on “Guilty Crown 17 — This Hand is Your Hand (WITH MUSIC!!!)

  1. I finally got my betrayal episode! 😀

    …You know that a show has really messed up when the character you’re supposed to be rooting for just got his arm cut off and you’re really happy about it.

  2. This…was amazing. Thank you. (Also, infinitely more entertaining than the episode, which was only terribad funny for the last few scenes, and fairly boring for the rest of the episode).

    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! If I couldn’t write a post more entertaining than this episode, I should have just given up.

  3. Wow your song is just awesome XD.

    I don’t even know how the UN plays into this, and why the hell they would want to terminate Japan. And Gai coming back and taking his arm is such an asspull, where the hell did that even come from. Well they’ve been throwing random things in for no reason most of the show, so I guess it’s business as usual

  4. This song is what makes Guilty Crown such a masterpiece. It inspires the creativity from all of us! You song easily bests all the songs in the GC OST hands down. Excuse the pun.

    1. Haha, yeah, not to brag or anything, but I’m definitely a better singer than Inori. I should become an underground pop idol.

  5. Ahahahahaha this is the best! Great singing xDDD

    How can I hold all these voids? I guess you can’t anymore Mr Armless OH MA SHOE…I liked the new Gai <3 he really is the best ever! Sure he might be only a zombie haha.

  6. It was Hilarius when he yelled “My King’s power” lmao! like wake up stupid Shuu.

    Is Gai evil now? He would not have cut his arm if he were in his right mind?!

    Don’t think I would blame Souta, Shuu did go a little too far, what I hate the most about him is he listened to Yahiro, stupid, stupid, stupid, mega mistake! argh… I just wanted to beat the crap out of Shuu so badly!
    Feel like in need of another anime to brainwash me from this idiotic anime. Hope it gets better 😐

    1. Oops! For some reason your comment was caught by the spam filter… it has been acting up lately.

      I think the chances this gets any better are slim indeed. I’m just looking forward to how big the explosion will be when it incinerates itself in the end. 🙂

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