Inu X Boku SS 06 — Let’s Communication!

Gah. The cuteness of the characters and their clothes just keeps increasing. (warning: gushing picdump of unending cuteness)

Here are the fashion highlights of the week:

Ririchiyo as mad scientist! Yes! she should just wear glasses all the time.

Then we have a track suit… Meh.

Karuta’s track suit is meh too, but she gets extra points for licking things.

Of course, we have the normal school uniform again. I think this is my second favorite now (after anything with glasses).

Karuta also looks nice in her uniform (although again, she improves on Ririchiyo’s by eating things).

Then a home economics costume… I like the scarf.

Karuta’s pink is nice too. Again, bonus points for eating.

Yay, more glasses!

And horned priestess once again!



How romantic!

Further Thoughts

I’m not sure what all the planets in the back were about… but it was amusing.

When you look at it from this angle, the mid section really seems too small…

Nice food ED!

And remember:

8 thoughts on “Inu X Boku SS 06 — Let’s Communication!

  1. You left out the best part, where she yells out in the middle of class that she was sexually attracted to Ninetails because he saved her.

  2. Episode 6 was the best so far for me. Ririchiyo’s glasses didn’t catch my attention as much as her wearing her lab coat all the time <3

    I also laughed my head off when she made that comment out loud about why she's attracted to the fox guy.

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