Another 06 — Let’s Dance

Where did this come from? An episode that was actually good, and not merely because of hilarious deaths! Somehow, Another came from out of nowhere to become the best romance of the season. 

The thing I like best about them as a couple, I think, is that Kouichi actually acts like he’s interested in her. There’s none of the usual pretending the male has no nefarious designs. He daydreams about her and keeps staring at her during class, the hallmarks of adolescent romance. Despite the ridiculousness of most of Another’s premise, this particular area is unexpectedly believable.

He even gives her awkward compliments on her looks.

Also the Mei fanservice is pretty good, I like her outfit.

Baseless Speculation

It seems from what the father said that Kouichi has been to the town before. I guess his memory has been erased? Considering his mother died when he was born (due to the curse?) I’m guessing that he’s the one who’s dead.

Was it just me, or did the voice acting for the aunt when she broke down terrible? That was some really fake crying.

On an unrelated note, I’ll be skipping the last episode of Last Exile: Fam since it was a summary of the original show. I didn’t feel a summary was necessary at this point, and I hope they don’t just make our old heroes swoop in to save the day…

6 thoughts on “Another 06 — Let’s Dance

  1. They should seriously do that dance. If I was in a class full of people who had to ignore me on fear of death, then I would prank them all the time. 😀

  2. Agreed, the romance came unexpected and is quite touching!

    I’m a bit biased against characters with eyepatches since ef – memories because I found Chihiro pretty annoying. I have to admit, though, that Mei looks really cute in the the dancing scene pictures (in particular the close-up in the second one).

    Yet I wish she would toss that eyepatch b/c I love characters with differently coloured eyes like Suiseiseki or Kobato from Haganai (but I rather think of the girl assassin in Kite Liberator). Kouichi is right, her doll’s eye looks amazing.

    Mei’s mother was a bit of a letdown for me. In ep 4 she looked pretty attractive, seen from the side and with that blue ribbon – – (I’m rather fond of such ribbons!). Now that I saw more of her she lost a bit of her appeal. She must be quite sick, though, implanting her daughter a differently coloured doll’s eye, good-looking as it may be per se it condemns Mei to be an outcast among her peers. Maybe her mother wants Mei to become like herself. It’s a bit sadistic.

    Finally, from what I’ve heard I understand that it must be very important for many Japanese people to belong some group. Living in an individualistic Western society I guess I wouldn’t mind that much being left in peace by my classmates and getting a cute companion on top. But maybe I perceive the situation differently from how a Japanese viewer would do it.

    1. Ehhh…??? Chihiro was the best thing that show had going for it!

      I like her other eye too. I don’t mind eyepatches though, so I’m happy switching between the two.

      Mei’s mother is definitely messed up somehow. I mean, just look at all the doll’s she’s made. I bet she was in Kouichi’s mother’s class.

      Yeah, somehow I don’t think Kouichi is suffering all that much from being forced to be alone with a cute girl. 🙂

  3. There are some interesting additions to the Last Exile recap, including more information about the end of the first season and its characters and a discussion between Dio and Alvis right at the end. I also appreciated hearing the narrators’ more informed descriptions of the past. And I especially enjoyed comparing the immature Dio to the present one.

    I really liked this ep. of Another, particularly that daydream sequence. I hope we’re not too far from seeing some actual goofy interactions between Kouichi and Mei.

    1. I just hope that recapping the old show doesn’t mean Lavie and Claus are going to come and save the day and push Fam and friends into the background.

      Another should just forget this whole horror thing and do comedy instead. It would work out much better, I think.

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