Mirai Nikki 18 — Love

This episode was the high point of the series so far. Such a great scene at the temple.

After Yuuki’s dad is killed, Yuuki finally gains the motivation to become god.

And wow, Yuuki sure can fight when he feels like it. He dodges and stabs one of the murderers with his knife, and uses the other as a human shield. Yuuno makes a timely arrival, casually slitting the third man’s throat.

With his mind made up, Yuuki decides to kill Yuno, who calmly accepts her death by him as her future.

They kiss next to Yuuki’s father’s corpse in the most romantic scene yet. Yuno is crazy, but you have to admit, she is certainly loyal.

To compare this to the manga, the part after the father’s death was fabulous. But the father’s repentance in the show didn’t seem quite as authentic in the TV show as it did in the manga. I guess it was due to the time constraints of the show. Yuuki’s father is a lot like Yuno in his portrayal: he jumps back and forth between extremes, from the man who abandoned Yuuki and murdered his wife to a man whose biggest dream was to go stargazing again with his son and wife.

I think I would probably attribute Yuuki’s father’s failure to redeem himself in the TV show to the voice acting. Somehow, his voice just makes him sound like a slimeball. Everything he says seems phony. Which is a shame, because if I remember correctly, his death was one of the most powerful parts in the manga.

Further Thoughts

Freud would have a field day with Yuuki’s choice of lover.

You’re fine with two dead bodies belonging to Yuno’s parents? Really?

Yuno in the rabbit costume was hilarious. She’s cockblocking him from fulfilling multiple functions.

Awesome face.

14 thoughts on “Mirai Nikki 18 — Love

  1. Well they do say that love comes in many different forms. Some of which most of us can’t grasp.

    By the way, that last shot looks an awful lot like the face of Revy from Black Lagoon.

  2. I found this episode pretty good, as well, even though I couldn’t care less about Yuki or his pathetic father.

    It is the first time, however, that I learn something about how Yuno might have become what she is. Yuno’s obsession w/ control which became so apparent in eps 13 and 14 seems to copy how her parents have treated her. That cage of hers was quite raw. Yuki, I guess, became the object of Yuno’s obsession due to the fact that he was basically a void (no GC reference intended) without a strong will or objective on his own. Murmur took advantage of this constellation by giving Yuno her diary. But you may know better having read the manga?

    By now we have so many characters (at least the female ones) w/ extremely messed up pasts (Tsubaki, Yuno, Ai, dunno about most of the others) that it starts to remind me a bit of one of my all-time favourites, Elfen Lied. Elfen Lied imho is quite singular in its combination of “break the cutie” characters w/ absurd gore and violence. Mirai Nikki comes close to this in parts. Yuno is in some ways similar to Elfen Lied’s Lucy – a lunatic but one where you see where she’s coming from. I just wish they would have skipped the other characters and the whole pointless diary business in exchange for an increase in the violence level 😉

    1. You have the general idea regarding Yuno, but there’s actually a bit more to it. You’ll never guess and I don’t want to spoil it. 🙂

      I really have to watch Elfen Lied now… It sounds amazing.

  3. whole yuki & mom-obsession even trying to letter a female look like his mom?

    anyone thinking mother-son incest on it even on a lookalike?!

    yea yuno the wabbit where elmer fudd?

  4. If memory serves me correctly, that’s about the last time we will see Yuki’s stupid hat.

    Also, July 10… Yuno’s “HAPPY END” is merely 18 days away.

  5. This episode totally reminded me of Freud too. For a moment I thought one of the scenes was a flashback because teh girl looked so much like Yuki’s mom.

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