Guilty Crown 21 — Battle Hymn of the Undertakers

This week’s guest singer is Anya from Fourty-Four Fennecs, karaoke wizard and gunpla master extraordinaire! Be sure to check out her site if you don’t already, where Anya has recently followed Smile Precure and given tips on building Gundam models. Please join me in thanking Anya for singing this week’s song!

Anya also organizes a group of anime enthusiasts that meets online every Saturday evening to sing karaoke. Contact her if you’re interested in joining, it’s a perfect opportunity to practice and prepare to sing your own Guilty Crown song!

This week’s song is a rendition of the civil war classic, “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Accompaniment is provided by yours truly on my trusty melodica, along with a sung accompaniment to Anya on the choruses.

Battle Hymn of the Undertakers (Click to Download)

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord,
He is trampling down the soldiers where his holy bride is stored.
He hath loosed the fateful lightning with Yahiro’s little sword.
Lord Shoe is marching on.


Glory, glory alleluia!
Glory, glory alleluia!
Glory, glory alleluia!
Lord Shoe is marching on.

I have seen Him in the displays bumped by Tsugumi’s small rump,
They have  builded him a Segway to minimize every bump.
I can hear his righteous promise to save every random chump.
Their shoes are marching on.


I have read a fiery gospel writ in burnished mechs of steel,
“As ye deal with my pure girlfriend so with you my grace shall deal.”
Let the hero born of woman crush the serpent with his heel.
His shoes are marching on.


He has called us to the battle and will never sound retreat,
He is sifting out the voids of men upon his judgement seat.
Oh be swift my soul to answer him be jubilant my feet.
My shoes are marching on.


He suffered and he doubted and was fully King and man,
He took away the cancer and ruined Gai’s evil plan.
And by his kingly power he will save all of Japan.
Lord Shoe is marching on.



This show is getting deep, guys. Seriously. Apples?! Adam? Eve? Deep. Symbolism. I just wished they’d taken their inspiration from the Book of Revelation rather than Genesis. Maybe they could have come up with a better name for the end of the world than Lost Christmas.

America! Heck yeah! Even without DAN EAGLEMAN America continues to represent. This bit character was the second biggest badass of the show, continuing to attack even after half his body and his entire fleet had been turned into crystal.

What will happen at the final showdown? Look forward to next week and Guilty Crown’s explosive ending!

10 thoughts on “Guilty Crown 21 — Battle Hymn of the Undertakers

  1. This is made of 100% AWESOME! With that said good work on this amazing team up post xDD

    THE END IS NEAR! What will happen? I hope people die like Gai, Shu and WTF Evil Inori/Mana…or they can just slaughter off the entire cast, but damn Yuu still lives…season two anyone? I sure hope not.

    If they did make another season I will watch it anyway >.>

      1. Ahahahha no problem! It is strange hearing your own voice! I did a confession recording to Ayase from GC back on Valentines day that was super random! But good work xD

    1. Thanks, the soft voice may be due more to my poor audio editing skills and Anya’s microphone than how loud she is, but yeah.

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