Inu X Boku SS 11 — Pen Pals

Given how much I’ve been complaining about Ririchiyo and Soushi’s relationship in the past, I’m kind of bewildered to find that I actually liked this episode. 

I think that what bothered me the most before was Soushi. He was a soulless automaton, too good to be human. This episode served to humanize him, both by shedding some light on his past, revealing his history with Ririchiyo, and showing how he deceived her. The final aspect, the deception, is what makes him seem human. He actual feels emotional over something.

When it was revealed that her fiancee didn’t write the letters, I was actually surprised that Ririchihyo already knew. You’d think if she knew that she could have guessed it was Soushi. The funniest part was that this was just a big scheme for the fiancee to apologize.

The extended flashback was interesting too. Soushi’s background makes Ririchihyo’s look mild by comparison. I think the main difference is that Soushi doesn’t feel so goddamn sorry for himself. Ririchihyo can get a bit hung up on the past, which makes it more painful to hear her go on and on about it.

Also, we learn why Soushi is so good with the ladies. I think he’s just about capped out his skill level by now.

This was the only new costume this week, as far as I noticed. I like it, especially the hat.

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