Moretsu Pirates 12 — Everything Works Out When You’re a Pirate!

Well, the first half of this episode was good. Running through an ancient ship, exploring the ruins of a bygone era, and watching out for enemies while racing for the treasure. It’s exciting!

Then, when they finally reach the treasure… oh no! The enemies have arrived! And we’re about to have an awesome battle! In fact, we see five seconds of an awesome battle…

But then we wake up. Marika and the leader of the other ship had plotted behind the princess’ back to resolve thing peacefully. Everyone is now happily driving the ship together towards Serenity.

Come on! An occasional anticlimax can be surprising and clever. But this… this is just trolling. Please can we get one story arc where we don’t cop out and magically make everyone get along? I don’t want everything to just work out, even if you’re a pirate!

6 thoughts on “Moretsu Pirates 12 — Everything Works Out When You’re a Pirate!

  1. Whahahahahah that cliffhanger! So this is another official ending of a princess arc? However…I saw Gruier and her sister arriving in the next episode for a possible sleep over with Marika? Good times.

    I loved the inside of the Golden Ghost Ship! So I suppose it is safe to say the theory of “cloning” might not be so crazy sounding after all? But some might even call the Golden Ghost Ship a space version of Noas arc? With all those sleeping animals aboard…

    Man I loved those flight suits! xDD

    1. I think her sister is going to become a student and join the yacht club. It’s the classic shounen “an old enemy is a new friend.”

      And yes, it’s basically a space version of Noah’s arc, except with genetic material rather than actual animals.

  2. Everything works out too well when your Pirate. Same logic better apply to internet pirates, too XD

    Anyway, I sort of feel ripped off that everything was resolved that easily. After all the exposition and build-up, this arc was more or less what I was hoping for. Starting to think that this pretty much sums up the tone for the rest of the series…

    1. Agreed, they build everything up for a great climax… and then they just pull the floor out from under us before we reach it. It’s getting quite annoying.

  3. Imo this ep. was maybe the best we had so far. It felt like taken out of a 1970s scifi-movie with all that suspense during the exploration of the ship (the awesome soundtrack! The eye candy, e.g. your first picture!) and during the confrontation (the rapid cuts between the two groups of opponents!).

    I particularly liked these hoods they were wearing beneath their spacesuit helmets. First, b/c Gruier and Marika looked cute in them. Second, for the attention to detail as real astronauts also used to be dressed like this, as I recall.

    And of course the yuri subplot! Marika becomes a prince like Utena and saves Gruier! What will Chiaki think of this?! No, I was joking, Marika most likely does not think of Gruier in any other way than as a child.

    While I can understand your frustration about the anticlimactic ending I’ve become accustomed to the peaceful ways of this show. It’s so cute and innocent!

    1. I think my problem is largely a matter of unfulfilled expectations. Really, there’s nothing wrong with the show: it’s just not what I’m expecting, which is bodacious piracy. Calling the show “Miniskirt Pirates” instead of “Bodacious Space Pirates” would have given me much more realistic expectations.

      The exploration of the ship was awesome though, it’s just the ending that annoyed me. I didn’t really notice the hoods beneath the helmets, I will have to pay closer attention to them next time.

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