Guilty Crown 07 — Your Mom

We had the obligatory harem antics coming to us. It was a question of when, not if. And now was the time. This episode had it all. Tripping on top of the girl and groping her, tripping and grabbing her underwear, a shower scene, then some making out with mom… wait, what?

Inori and Shuu

They continue to piss me off. Shuu is a wuss who is now best friends with Gai for no apparent reason. And Shuu and Inori are still acting like lovers despite what she told him. How pathetic can you be, Shuu?

He should ditch Inori and go out with Hare. I like her much better than Inori. Or the fujoshi glasses-girl would be fine too. Or the class president. Hell, I like the neko-mimi butt-shaking girl better than Inori. As long as it isn’t his mom. Oh, wait.

This scene especially pissed me off, when they were talking about the drug dealer:


Go Go Team America!

This new villain is meant, I assume, to be a ridiculous caricature of Americans, but I can’t help but like him. I suppose it’s because I’m an American myself.

He’s just so cool! I love the can-do attitude. Everyone around him is telling him he can’t shoot missiles sideways, he can’t break their shields, and on and on and on. Screw them all. Of course he can! He can do anything!

And then when something goes wrong, is it because they didn’t plan it through enough?No, of course not. It’s because they “didn’t have enough guts!”

With that said, if they ever try to treat this guy as a serious villain, I’m not going to buy it. I hope he doesn’t get sucked into this subordination cycle either. What is it with all the petty villains moving on to become the next one’s underling?

Gai and the Girl

So the first time I saw the student council president, I thought that she was Gai crossdressing and transferring into their class. No, I am not making this up.

(Un?)fortunately, that wasn’t the case. But their relationship was one of the better things that has come out of this show so far. Gai’s teasing is spot on. Although the girl’s reactions are fairly droll.

Gai’s armadillo ice breaker was nice:

Although who in the world would anyone want a pet armadillo? They aren’t fuzzy or cute or anything. They can barely see, and I’ve never actually seen one curl up in a ball before. I’m not sure they can. Where I used to live, they’re the most common form of roadkill.

Less Obnoxious than Usual

Overall, this episode was an improvement over recent history. The harem antics and Shuu’s mom were certainly annoying. As were Shuu and Inori, of course. But Gai’s banter was entertaining, as was the new villain. And I did enjoy the missile scene, especially how they had the orchestra play the Nutcracker piece during it. That was nice.

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9 thoughts on “Guilty Crown 07 — Your Mom

  1. “So the first time I saw the student council president, I thought that she was Gai crossdressing and transferring into their class.”

    …So did I. >_< That would've been amazing. Armadillo comment made up for it, though.

  2. I honestly laughed out loud at the missile scene. It just looked to me like it was trying so hard to be cool and serious that it ended up being hilarious instead. Plus, the music didn’t help.

  3. I totally expected a missile to go through the shield at the last moment in the finale. What a twist that would have been… aka, I kinda wished it happened.

    1. Yeah, and then Inori could die. Oh wait, she wasn’t on the ship. Drat. I guess if his mom died that would be alright.

  4. Draggle, I fully agree re Hare. Presently the main reason I’m still watching this show is that she looks so cute and has such a good-natured and well-behaved personality. They should abandon this laughable plot and switch to just presenting her everyday activities in a slice of life-ish manner!

    Apart from that, my hope would be that the creators digg somewhat deeper into the personality of Tsugumi, the “cat girl”. I feel some pity for her since she seems to have a rather lonely and stressful job in this operator’s box and makes up for that with her oversexualized dress and behaviour.

    However, my expectations for GC couldn’t be lower by now. I guess they will neither turn the focus to Hare’s innocent nor to Tsugumi’s distorted personality but will continue with this outlandish plot and clichéed characters.

    1. Glad to here I’m not the only one who likes her. 🙂 I actually forgot she existed until this episode though. The school characters could use a bit more attention if they expect us to remember them.

      Tsugumi is definitely the character who needs the most development right now. I’d like to imagine that there’s some reason for her oversexualized behavior as well, but somehow I doubt it. I’m guessing this will end up like the wheelchair girl and her “reason” for orgasming in the cockpit.

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