Hanasaku Iroha 07 — Commander Tomoe

This episode focused on developing the personality of Tomoe, the head waitress. Her parents want her to go home for a marriage interview, but she decides to stay at the inn to take care of her cute underlings.

I feared that the survival gamers were going to become a corny gimmick, but it actually turned out well and was pretty funny. Tomoe’s decision to scare away the survival gamers and get fired simultaneously was definitely not the most well thought out plan, but somehow worked out. The survival gamers’ biggest problem was a lack of an opponent, and Tomoe was more than willing to provide.

So we’ve gone through episodes about most of the characters by now, I think the only ones left who haven’t had their full time to shine are the grandmother, beanman, head chef, and the girl from the other inn. The past few episodes have been fun, but I do hope we can get back to the drama of the first few episodes soon. A visit from Ko-chan or some rivalry with the other inn would spice things up right about now…

Also, these survival games actually look like a lot of fun (well, if we ignore the stalking and peeking they actually did and consider what they’re supposed to be doing). I actually shared a campground with some of these people a few years ago, but stayed well away from them and didn’t realize what it was all about.

2 thoughts on “Hanasaku Iroha 07 — Commander Tomoe

  1. I did not like this episode because it felt like a cartoon (e.g. Nanko running so quick). Also, if a group of people in military suits carrying “guns” into a hots spring, I’m sure someone will call the police. I think they fixed that plot hole when Tomoe said they knew who they were.
    I am suprise that they will be Ko more sooner than expected. This could be a sign that (i hope not) PA has run out of ideas so they want to rush Ko in the mix. This episode felt very fillerish too. I bet they wont mention anything that happen this week.
    Oh and as Jimuaru (correct spelling?)- I don’t want to see him anymore on screen. He really the only character I don’t like. Let them focus on ohana & ko for now, at least it’s the right direction – even though I would have like to have seen Ko later on.

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