Hanasaku Iroha 08 — Taking Charge

With her grandmother at the hospital, Ohana is the only one who can stand up to Takako’s preferential treatment plans. Even the head cook is cowed by her. Ohana is really starting to become an integral part of the inn, and even her grandmother seems to trust her now.

This episode took a welcome step away from the stand alone comedic episodes and back into the drama of the first few episodes. There were still funny parts (Ohana’s delusions of playing old maid were hilarious, as was Ohana’s Hayate meido dash through the town in a kimono), but with Ko back in the picture, the grandmother falling ill, the sudden burst in business, and something going on with Tohru, it seems that the plot is beginning to move again. This isn’t to say that the earlier episodes were bad or unnecessary. They were necessary, and will make the remainder better of the show better with their character development. But from now on things should get more exciting.

This episode ended on a strange cliffhanger of sorts with Ohana opening the door while looking for Tohru’s wedding. It kind of makes me wonder if something unexpected will be behind the door… like Tohru getting married himself without telling anyone. Poor Minchi.

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