Norageki! Review — 7.25 / 10.0

Norageki shows a tale of five people and a cat who escape from prison. I don’t want to say much more in fear of spoiling all of what is a rather short story.

The first thing you’ll probably notice about Norageki is the experimental animation style. There’s a heavy use of CG. In my opinion the still frames looked pretty nice, but the motion of the characters leaved a lot to be desired. It didn’t look natural at all.

The plot is decent for something that fit in 25 minutes. Same with the characters – they have potential, but again, we don’t see much in 25 minutes. I think the show could have made good use of some extra time.The male characters in particular didn’t get enough time to develop. Everything was decent, but there was just nothing that wowed me.

This OVA has a similar setting to the movie Moon, if anyone’s seen that, although the way it uses the setting is quite different.

  • Plot / Script – 8 / 10 – Interesting story, if not the most unique (the setting, if nothing else, is similar to Dead Leaves)
  • Characters – 7 / 10 – Have potential but don’t develop fully (particularly males).
  • Production – 7 / 10 – Unique style, but blocky motion
  • Overall – 7.25 / 10

Recommendations – Moon (non-anime), Freedom, Dead Leaves

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