Hanasaku Iroha 11 — ぼんぼりましょう! (Let’s Fest it Up!)

Now that Ohana is settled in and the supporting cast has been fleshed out, we’re going back to the more intensive drama of the earlier episodes. And the drama is just as good as it was before. This episode was jam-packed with new developments: the inn gets a bad review, it turns out Ohana’s mother wrote the review (not to mention she moved back home without even telling her daughter!), and Ohana meets up with Ko and meets her new rival.

All of the buildup from Ohana’s time at Kissuisou is really paying off now. This episode was an inversion of the earlier episodes: before, Ohana felt at home in Tokyo and lonely and unwelcome at Kissuiso. Now, everything about Tokyo makes her miserable, and she goes running to Minchi’s bosom for comfort.

Ohana’s mother has some serious issues. I can definitely see why she and the grandmother don’t get along. If I were the grandmother I would have kicked Ohana’s mother out of the house too. The grandmother’s only mistake was that she should have taken it a step further and gotten custody of her granddaughter 15 years earlier.

As for the love triangle with Ohana and Ko: this other girl was just what was needed to push things along, even if she doesn’t stand a chance (although hopefully she will continue to put up a good fight). She’s already managed to make Ohana jealous, now we just have to wait until she figures out why. Ohana is pretty dense, but hopefully it won’t take the entire remainder of the show for her to figure this out.

Now all that Hanasaku Iroha needs is some more Yuina screen time.

One thought on “Hanasaku Iroha 11 — ぼんぼりましょう! (Let’s Fest it Up!)

  1. haha yup! needs more Yuina. But i think that girl really stands some chance. As Ko looked as if he started liking that girl when Ohana ask him about her. 😀 keep up with the posts! Thanks

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