Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? 13 (OVA) — Ayumu is Disgusting

This was the episode that wasn’t going to air on TV, so they stuffed it full of the most perverted parts. The subjects of the fanservice were split between Ayumu and his harem about 50/50. The fanservice was a bit much for me, but the episode still had its moments.

They used a lot of the time in this episode to look at two of the side characters, Orito and Taeko. Orito is the usual perverted sidekick, so his segment didn’t add much, but Taeko’s segment (particularly the end) was quite well done. I’m almost rooting for the Taeko ending now. Especially since Eu’s voice was a letdown this episode, and her notes seemed kind of out of character.

Ayumu’s harem also expands by two this episode, with the addition of both Taeko and Sarasvati. I think that Sarasvati is going to expand his misfortunes even more than Sera has, however. The picture below says it all.

A second season has been announced, so we can all look forward to seeing more of how disgusting Ayumu is. As far as I can figure out, a date hasn’t been set yet for the next season.

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