Happy Birthday to Me! Year Two!

This blog is now two years old. I can’t believe I stuck with it this long. No plans to stop anytime soon either.

Useless Statistics

Last Year:

  • 43,500 Visitors
  • ~350 Visitors per Day (at end of year)
  • ~60 RSS Subscribers
  • 437 Posts
    • 262 Episodic Posts
    • 61 First Impressions
    • 78 Reviews

This Year:

  • 210,000 Visitors
  • ~700 Visitors per Day (at end of year)
  • ~155 RSS Subscribers
  • 456 Posts
    • 241 Episodic Posts
    • 95 First Impressions
    • 60 Reviews

If success can be quantified, I think we’re succeeding.

Important Statistics

Top Google Searches:

  1. sword art online
  2. guilty crown
  3. inu x boku ss
  4. wacky races
  5. draggle
  6. anime blog
  7. anime girl with lab coat
  8. http://blog.draggle.org
  9. sword art online kirito
  10. dog days

I’m the most famous for sword art online and guilty crown… not sure how to react to that. I have a picture of Wacky Races in my Redline review, which gets all the hits for Wacky Races. I have no idea what’s up with “anime girl with lab coat.”

Best Google Searches

  • kyoukai senjou no horizon draggle — 291 hits for this, you guys really want my expertise
  • penguindrum wtf — 151 hits, yeah, pretty much sums up my thoughts too
  • boobs that don’t shake aren’t boobs at all — ~30 hits
  • mad scientist hentai
  • draggle draggle draggle sing me a song
  • draggle draggle did you sing me a song yet — 18 hits, and yes I did!
  • why humanity has declined
  • why did chinatsu rape akari
  • queen’s blade is my favorite show
  • how to make giant bouncy ball — let me know if you find out
  • japan what is wrong

Worst Google Searches

  • sword art online yui hentai — 144 hits for this and variations, you sickos
  • where to read guilty crown in a blog — I hope my blog isn’t that bad
  • anime girl tied up — 168 hits
  • queen’s blade sex — 85 hits
  • last exile porn — 39 hits, I don’t want to think about this
  • sword art kirito and imouto kissing
  • foto hentai my mother was a dog
  • my little pony draggle —- noooooo
  • draggles anime tentacle rape
  • bitches be draggled
  • what episode of queens blade shows the most sexual stuff
  • naked little girls(privates showing)
  • how to look like kirito
  • if c(x)=(x-3)cubed, what is c(3)? — um, 0…
  • I love Hitler

Funniest Google Searches

  •  space brothers houston lettuce — 44 hits, what?
  • blog.draggle.ore — 39 hits, come on guys, try harder
  • blog.draggle.orh — 32 hits
  • how do you cheat on draggle drop? — what???
  • guitly crown — first impression draggle’s a hulu — you’re a hulu!
  • why on queen’s blade rebellion is it so bright — they polish the boobs
  • why is sword art online so good
  • why do french think americans eat burgers — because they do?
  • sword art online kirito and asuna how sex — hmm… I wonder
  • how do you say guilty crown in japanese? — guirty clown
  • how are babies made anime — the storks deliver them
  • what is the hole in underwear for — …

Since I had so many visitors this year, I’ve barely scraped the top of the barrel. We’ve had every variation of searches for sex, hentai, porn, and rape, with anime you wouldn’t even want to think about. Sword Art Online seems to draw the most interest in sex though.

Thank You Everyone!

Without my readers, I wouldn’t be writing a blog. So thank you!

Last year I went through and personally thanked everyone I’m grateful to, this year, that list has grown too big to count, so I’m not even going to try. I’ll just take a moment to thank those I’m especially grateful for:

  • Everyone at The Classiest Anime, including Foshizzel, John Sato, redball, Snippet, Emperor J, Reiseng, and kevo;
  • ahelo, for creating this site’s beautiful new banners;
  • Everyone I talk to on Twitter, I have nearly as much fun with that as I do blogging;
  • Everyone who invited me to do guest posts / radio shows: Cholisose, Charles, and JoeAnimated (and I think I’m forgetting someone). I am more than happy to participate in these, just ask;
  • Everyone who sung songs for Guilty Crown: EphemeralDreamer, AJTheFourth, Inushinde, Anya, and FoxyLadyAyame;
  • Everyone I was up against in the Aniblog Tourney, esp. Chikorita157, for making it much more fun than it should have been;
  • Everyone whose blog I continue to enjoy reading, see my blogroll (and let me know if I’ve forgotten to add you);
  • Everyone who has left a comment, especially jreding;
  • Everyone who’s put up with me and read this site.

Thanks again for another great year!

20 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me! Year Two!

  1. Pfft, I read this blog before it was popular. /hipster

    >Thanks to Myna for reminding me to update My Anime List all the time.
    Speaking of which, it’s that time again, bro. 😉

  2. Bloggers, check your google searches. I also got hits for Sword Online Yui Rape and I didn’t even blog about Sword Art Online. People are disgusting.

    Anyway cheers for another year! It looks like my blog is older than yours but you feel much much older, Draggle. Maybe it’s because of the SAO fanfics.

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