Hataraku Maou-sama 03 — Fighting Over Maou

Sorry I haven’t updated the last few days. I had four friends staying at my house the past weekend so I was really busy. Two of them are still here for the rest of this week so updates will likely continue to be late and short.


Anyway, this episode: pretty great. I love how Emi and Maou’s coworker fighting over Maou. Some hilarious stuff. I haven’t enjoyed a tsundere character this much in a long, long time.


So many excellent misunderstandings too. The ex-girlfriend? Ahahaha.


And I enjoyed watching Maou’s wife get dragged into things and how Maou completely fails at controlling the situation.


This series continues to succeed at humor by juxtaposing the fantasy setup with the modern world. I think the above pun captures what makes this setup so much fun perfectly.

8 thoughts on “Hataraku Maou-sama 03 — Fighting Over Maou

  1. The best parts of this series are the little ways Maou seems to torment Emi and her impotent rage every time she goes through with it. The scene in the police station was hilarious… as were the other two times in the police station. Do the Tokyo police have some sort of system for dealing with repeat misdemeanors occurring within the span of a few days? I guess the first time doesn’t count, since they mind-controlled everyone in the station, but you’d think the cops would start picking up on these guys.

    Also, Maou’s true form doesn’t really fit him at all. Maybe that’s the intended effect, but I’m wondering when he’s going to move away from being altruistic and get back to his “Now I’m gonna conquer two universes” plotting.

    1. Yeah it looks like the police should start picking up on them, especially with the one detective’s daughter having a crush on Maou. That’s going to make things even harder for them…

      I hope he gets back to his evil plotting soon too.

  2. I was really impressed with the scene where the two girls erupt at each other over Maou as Emi gets mistaken for Maou’s ex-girlfriend. It’s a scene that’s so overdone and frequently mishandled in anime I was afraid I’d never be able to like it again, but this one actually worked. The misunderstanding itself and the arguments from both sides were surprisingly reasonable and managed to be funny without feeling forced. This may just be attributable to the fact that these characters are more likable than the typical anime love polygon members, but whatever the reason, it was so refreshing to have that situation work for once.

    1. Completely agree, I think that as you say the situation was believable because the misunderstandings were not completely ridiculous. Emi did stay over at his house and did have a special relationship with him before.

  3. I think we all agree that the best parts are usually where they all try to figure out what is going on with this world only for earthquakes and the Big Bad to ruin the moment.

    And lol at re: Emi being Sadao’s ex. She might as well be, since she knows him inside out!

  4. “I love how Emi and Maou’s coworker fighting over Maou.” The argument was great, indeed. It illustrates why I don’t like Chi-chan. Towards Maou she’s all acting like little schoolgirl but actually she turns out to be pretty calculating. Note how she reverts back to blushing mode once the fight is over!

    Btw, it seems that taking a job at McRo is indeed the way to start a corporate career: http://econ.st/11nGIDr .

    1. Pretty calculating indeed! From what we’ve seen so far she’s way more cunning than Maou.

      And wow. I didn’t know that about McDonald’s. I think they are a lot better an employer in Europe than they are here in the US…

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