Aku no Hana 03 — Make it Stop


Hell no.


This was the most attractive woman in the show so far.


Once again, Aku no Hana continues to become more and more difficult to watch. Nakamura effectively raping the guy makes the rest of the show’s horribleness pale in comparison. My god I hate watching this show.


I haven’t been able to related to the sniffing incident much, but the “this is me myself” is something I can relate to. Happened pretty much every time I read a good book, back in the day. Now it makes me want to facepalm so hard.

17 thoughts on “Aku no Hana 03 — Make it Stop

  1. I can’t tell if me hating Aku no Hana is a sign that it’s doing well. I feel the need to keep up with it, but watching the animation has become physically painful. Just thinking about it makes me nauseous.

    1. For me I’m convinced that it’s doing well, but I’m not sure I want to experience how well it’s doing.

  2. I dropped it because I think the message and theme of the manga is shown by the existence of the anime ALONE. Watching the anime’s content in itself just becomes PURE overkill on the overall message the manga is saying.

  3. Shit anime. The director is successful when he said that this anime is going to leave a scar on you. For a completely different reason from what he originally planned, though.

    1. Yeah, as a manga reader I skipped out in episode 2 when Kasuga running away from Nakamura didn’t look out of place in a Loony Tunes episode.

    1. Can’t really blame you. I don’t know if I’ll manage to make it through this either. For me the probably isn’t the speed though, it’s the awkwardness.

  4. “Nakamura effectively raping the guy makes the rest of the show’s horribleness pale in comparison.” I don’t think you can actually undress a guy and put a gym dress on him w/o any kind of consent. Also, after the teacher announces that the perpetrator is most likely in his 30s it would be an easy way out for Kasuga.

    Therefore, I think Kasuga has kinda morbid fascination w/ Nakamura and just wants to get into trouble. And Nakumara just wants a bf.

    1. Hm… interesting point. I imagine it would be pretty much impossible to undress someone and put the gym clothes on without some consent as well. I wonder if Kasuga just wants to become defiled like the Baudelaire he admires so much.

      Pretty sure Nakamura just wants a boyfriend too. 🙂

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