Hataraku Maou-sama 04 — Inklings of Drama


Great, tragedy and daddy issues. Just what this show needed.

Well, okay, it could have done a lot worse. But this is what always seems to happen to anime comedies. We have a great start with a couple of hilarious initial episodes. Then we attempt to tell some half-assed serious story, thereby ruining the comedy. It’s rare that we get a show like Nichijou or Milky Holmes that avoids this fatal trap.


Still, at least Hataraku Maou-sama is limiting the drama. So far it is all playing into the show’s larger joke regarding Maou not acting like a Maou-sama at all. I can put up with a little bit of crying over daddy issues if it leads to some good jokes.

Unfortunately it looks like we may be headed for further drama with Lucifer cropping up and Chi-chan being used as a hostage. Oh well… at least the landlord and Emi’s complaints were pretty funny.


Also, now we know that the wife is an M.

21 thoughts on “Hataraku Maou-sama 04 — Inklings of Drama

  1. Blagh, drama, just get back to the workplace/situational comedy please! The only way I could forsee this turning out for the better is if at least one of the new characters end up working at MgRonald’s.

  2. At least the characters are fun enough that I’m interested to see where the drama goes. I think these last two episodes haven’t quite matched up with the first two because the focus has been more on Emi and Sasaki than Maou. I’ve been waiting to see how they handle the fact that Maou was a conquering warmonger in the other world, so that little thread kept me interested even if Emi’s drama wasn’t at all original. Here’s hoping they cut to the chase next time without having to drag in all Emi’s angst to set it all up.

    Lucifer’s only going to be fun if he turns out to be as clueless as everyone else (how the heck can he use his true form in our world?). And I’m not keen on Emi’s friends popping up; all they’ll do is distract from Maou’s still-AWOL plan to take over the world through burger-flipping.

    1. It’s a common knowledge that devil feeds on humans’ negative emotions. When the shopping mall was ruined, everybody are scared and frustrated, that’s how Maou regained his power.
      Lucifer hanged around Chi-chan for the same reason.

    2. Well it is certainly true that the backstory for Emi could have used more work. However, when I think about it, how else would Emi have such a hatred for Maou? It would take something significant to make Emi hate Maou like she does. The loss of a loved one however, seemed like reaching for the lowest hanging fruit.

      The presence of more people from the other world could work if they also explore different aspects of modern life, such as schooling in a modern education system, etc. There is still potential for different venues of modern life to be tapped for comedy, so right now I am cautiously optimistic.

      Now that I think about the other world, it would make sense that eventually the main characters will have to come to terms between the disconnect of their mundane modern lives and the previous lives they led. To me, having the characters decide what to do with the possibility of being able to go back to their home world and their previous lives allows for some character developments that I kinda look forward to. Will they want to go back? will they want to go back to previous life they led? Who will go and who will stay?
      Maou, despite his insistance on taking over both worlds, seems to be quite comfortable with his new life…

      1. I’m not sure, did they really need to explain why she hated him so much? She’s the hero, he’s the demon king. Of course she’d hate him. I assume the audience can figure that out on their own. Did it really need an explanation?

        Hm it would be interesting for Lucifer to be a university student or a NEET or something.

        That would be an interesting direction to lead this show in. I’m looking forward to them showing Maou choosing flipping burgers over ruling the world.

        1. I guess Emi’s past is to provide greater emphasis of the huge disconnect between Demon Maou and normal Maou. The way I see it; it would be the equivalent of Kim Jong-Un suddenly going off to work at a charity; everyone would just be in disbelief. However, I still stick to my previous comment that it could have been done or framed better than just insta-flashback.

          At the very least, they kept the drama to a minimum, having it all out in a few short minutes than dragging it out over a few episodes.

          Lastly, I really thought the land lady’s comment on the Emi x Maou ship was quite meta; my inner cynic in me was chuckling because those were my exact thoughts on the love triangle.

          1. Flashback was not the best way to show this, I agree. Perhaps it would have been better to come up in conversation between her and Maou’s wife or something like that. It was short drama though, could have been a lot worse.

            The landlady’s comments were hilarious. I hope we get more of her.

    3. Great point. Emi is really only funny in how she interacts with Maou and his wife, but Maou is entertaining on his own. He doesn’t have as much baggage in terms of drama either.

      I hope we get to see Lucifer become a janitor or something.

  3. There are some shows I know that actually have an even balance on comedy and drama, the first to come to mind is definitely Gintama, but that depends if you like that show.

    1. I do like Gintama although I haven’t watched the most recent 100 episodes or something. Gintama takes an interesting approach in that some arcs are much more comedy focused and others are much more focused on the drama, although they still weave elements of both into everything. Part of what makes Gintama’s approach work I feel is that the drama aspects aren’t half assed like in so many other comedies.

  4. Somehow it feels like comedy has declined in this episode. Mmm, I didn’t like how the scene when Emi and Maou were arguing about their past and their current situation was interrupted. The topic seemed interesting enough to be interrupted like that.
    Also, I am interested in how the Hero became doubtful about her duty when she realizes that Maou has become sympathetic to humans but even so it isn’t some kind of punishment required to someone that did so much damage to a society (a genocide BTW). It seems that he has found atonement by being a part-timer and living in precarious conditions.

    1. I figure if you’re going to interrupt it it’s better to interrupt it before it gets boring. 🙂

      We haven’t even seen from Maou’s perspective what happened in the past, so I’m going to withhold judgement for the moment. From what we’ve seen, it could just has easily have been the humans enacting a genocide on the demons.

  5. I didn’t mind the tragic backstory that much. It’s hard to believe, though, that Maou committed all these atrocities just b/c he couldn’t quite emphasize w/ humans. Also it seems to me Emi has been used all along: Didn’t her father tell her that the priests would keep Maou away by the power of their prayers? Seems that in truth everyone was just waiting for Emi to grow up and fight for them. Perhaps Emi realizes that her side are the bad guys here? Perhaps Maou wasn’t as bad as she was told in the first place?

    “Unfortunately it looks like we may be headed for further drama with Lucifer cropping up and Chi-chan being used as a hostage.” They should refuse to pay any ransom to Lucifer and leave Chi-chan with him as punishment for both.

    1. Yeah, I also think that Maou might not have been that bad in the first place. I wonder who actually started this war. Seeing as how Maou was losing at the end, I’m guessing the humans are actually the ones attempting genocide.

      Haha that would be hilarious if they ended up shipping Lucifer and Chi-chan. Imagine telling that one to her mother…

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