Hataraku Maou-sama 06 — More Powerful Magic


This world has many things that can bring demons to their knees.

This was mostly a calm episode in which Lucifer gets roped into the crew. Great punchline to finish things off, too. Next week we’re in for a new character. Looks like she’s going to be pigeon-holed into the “clumsy assassin” archetype. Should be fun!


My favorite part of this show is still the relationship between Maou and Emi. At first I thought the hero was a tsundere. But the more we see her, the less and less dere we see coupled with more and more tsun. I’ve got to say, I greatly prefer watching them fight all the time. Dere is boring.


I’ve got to remember this line for when Sword Art Online S2 comes out. Can’t wait.

8 thoughts on “Hataraku Maou-sama 06 — More Powerful Magic

  1. For me the highlights of the episodes are:

    -Emi’s eyes during the ‘prank call’
    -The use of the Landlady as a protective talisman
    -The fujoshi friend that Chi has

    1. Forgot about Chi’s fujoshi friend. Hope she gets more screentime.

      Emi’s eyes are one of the best things about her. When she gets pissed (which is like all the time) it’s great.

  2. So Maou is the “husbando,” Ashiya is the “waifu” and Lucifer is their spoiled, NEET child? Sounds good to me.

  3. I instantly liked Suzuno (the new girl), in particular her kimono. She may turn out as a “clumsy assassin” but her “traditional girl” attitude is something new imo. Just the way she speaks is awesome!
    Chi-chan, on the other hand, is completely generic imo. And this even more true for her fujoshi friend. So I’m hoping to see less of those two and more of Suzuno!

    1. Yeah Chiho is kind of bland. But it does help having someone from the human world to contrast with the rest of the characters. Still it could have helped to make her something more than the high schooler who falls hopelessly in love with Maou.

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