Valvrave the Liberator 05 — I Know You are Hero in Your Life


Ahahahaha I love this show too much. One second we’re fighting an interplanetary war, the next we’re founding our own country, the next we’re about to die from hypothermia, the next we’re filming a music video, and then we’re making love in the cockpit. 666 / 100.

But seriously, that music video was hilarious. I especially loved these guys’ reaction:


One’s considering it carefully. One’s like, “Hey, this is pretty cool.” The guy in the front is taking a vow of vengeance. And the guy hiding behind him is laughing his ass off like I was.


Rukino was particularly great this episode. First she just randomly bites that girl’s arm. Then she starts sexing up Haruto while poor Valvrave is watching. Won’t anyone think of the children?!!!



Oh yeah, and if anyone hadn’t predicted this, the Nazi space commies’ headquarters is the Vatican. This show is genius.

16 thoughts on “Valvrave the Liberator 05 — I Know You are Hero in Your Life

  1. I am now thoroughly in the “Saki” camp now. Taking the initivtive, not taking shit and making epic bitch-slaps. God, this show is entertaining!

    1. I don’t know which camp to be in anymore! They’re both great. I guess this means that by default I have to join the Shouko x Saki camp.

  2. Rukino=best character in the show. Give her a few episodes and she’ll be running this Anime High School Nation like nobody’s business.

  3. The reaction of L-Elf’s four comrades to the music video was my absolute favorite moment of the episode. I was laughing throughout that whole ridiculous montage song as well, but that moment just sealed the deal. And here’s the thing: not only was it funny, it was–and I’m being serious here–a great way to help establish the personalities of these four side characters. As you pointed out, each of them reacted to the music video in a different way, and IMO it was a really fun way of showing what sort of kids these mecha pilots are. (One thing people seem to forget is all these characters *are* just teenagers–which by the way, isn’t that unbelievable, given how throughout most of history and even today* a good chunk of many nations’ armies have been made up of teenagers. Modern international law apparently has 15 as the age requirement for military service.)

    Also worthy of note is how Valvrave detractors all cried out in unison that everyone in High School Nation would die within two or three days once all the food would run out–and in true Valvrave fashion, the show proceeded to come up with the campiest method imaginable for the nation to acquire millions of bitcoins by turning their school into the next Youtube Meme. It almost makes me wonder how much the show is a satire of modern digital culture in general.

    Regarding Rukino, her actions this episode seem to confirm to me that she is indeed associated with the Valvrave project in some way. The fact she tried to bite the Ojou-sama seems to be a hint at least, along with how readily she seemed to accept and understand everything going on in previous episodes. I wrote it off as her just being genre savvy before, but she might actually be that way for a reason.

    1. Yes, that little reaction scene was a great way to add some character development. The best character development is subtle and doesn’t involve long-winded explanations or tear-jerking stories: just seeing how people react differently to different things. The show which did this the best in my opinion was Hourou Musuko.

      It’s hilarious listening to people complain that Valvrave is a bad show because it doesn’t make any sense. Talk about missing the point!

      Hmm I had just assumed that Rukino was smart, but perhaps she is involved with Valvrave somehow. There must be some reason they put the robots underneath some random school.

  4. Valvrave always has the greatest character development no matter what goes on. This episode was just to prove it.
    Also, I found the music video to be quite touching πŸ˜‰

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