Hataraku Maou-sama! 10 — Maou Sadao, Crocodile Tamer


Well okay. Pretty epic music and 3D effects for… this. It would be fine if they were building up for some big joke, but they just had Maou tame the crocodiles and proceeded to ignore them completely. All for the sake of convincing Suzuno that Maou isn’t completely evil.

And anyway, I thought we’d been through all these self-doubts over Maou’s wickedness before with Emi. Is there really a need to go through it all again?

The whole episode suffered from difficulties with disjointedness. We’re at home for a bit, we find a monkey, crocodiles escape from the zoo, we see a haunted house… but the chain of events felt like it was tied together simply for the sake of plot convenience. We get a few laughs out of each event and then move on as if it never happened.


The episode did have some funny moments (such as everyone talking with their mouths full while eating nearly-expired noodles) but these moments were few and far between, especially compared to earlier episodes. I guess that is to be expected when this is the swimsuit episode which is largely an excuse to display Chiho’s enormous chest.


But yeah, I’m sorry, that’s just disgusting. Please cover those up in public. Thank you.


The one thing this episode did get right was Emi’s faces. Her pissed face, deadpan look and smirk are all hilarious.

15 thoughts on “Hataraku Maou-sama! 10 — Maou Sadao, Crocodile Tamer

    1. I loved that one! Chiho was scared of a little garden-variety lizard and Emi was scared off a giant dragon.

  1. What about the haunted house scene? I loved it when Emi and Suzuno encountered the little girl and “mommy” was on the ceiling.

  2. A filler episode. I liked Suzuno’s mizugi (not the pearl diver outfit, the second one) and her lizard eating story, though.

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