Hataraku Maou-sama 13 — Final Boss: Scammers


I was hoping that the final episode would be the ultimate showdown between Maou and Daniel Webster, but it’ll do.

This was a great finale. They completely ditch the more serious plot and go all out on the jokes. Wish they’d done that for the entire series.

My favorite joke:


Suzuno and Chiho are fighting over who gets to cook food for Maou. As in every harem show ever made. Maou’s answer:


Only in this show does he let both cook for him just to save money.


Also, FYI, I’ve been shipping this since he first moved in across the street.

10 thoughts on “Hataraku Maou-sama 13 — Final Boss: Scammers

  1. Sad it’s ended. This show had the most epic facial expressions.

    My favorite moment though was when Emi said “cooling off.” The way she said it with an echo making it look like it was the key to the holy grail was hilarious.

  2. Sad to see it go too. It’s was more hit or miss in the second half, but it was on it’s game a lot. And it definitely had the best voice work too. That combined with the facial expressions (Like MCAL said) really made the show funnier than it should have been.

  3. Hmm, I personally found this final episode underwhelming, but as always it did have its moments. (For me, the best was Alsiel fretting over having worked for evil.)
    All in all Maou-sama was a nice show to watch for something light and silly.

  4. “This was a great finale.” I think so, too. I liked, how Ashiya came up w/ all these arguments on the phone for not accepting a return (do such scams exist in RL?). I doubt, though, that in RL you can just walk into the scammer’s office and confront him in person!
    Too bad the love triangle (or whatever geometric figure) was left unresolved. I hate Chiho and I think Suzuno is too cute for Maou. So I was rooting for Emi x Maou (and of course Emi’s colleague x Alsiel). As much as I liked this series I hope it doesn’t get ruined by a second season with the romantic conflicts dragged on for 13 further episodes.

    1. Such scams do exist in real life… although yes, they tend not to leave conveniently located, manned business addresses!

      I’m rooting for the same pairings as you. I’ll just assume it all worked out and everyone lived happily ever after.

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